sun moon solar consciousness lunar consciousness


1. Sun Moon Earth

Golden orb rose in the east

fresh sunshine warm and tender

weaved the threads of light

in the fabric of sky.


The infant Sun pure and clear

all light and all bright

stepping up high on horizon

explored the world all around.


The world bathed in sunshine

life active and energetic

hope and faith wishes and dreams

love and hate pride and prejudice

life breathed in multiple thoughts and actions.


Sun at noon sharp and young

sat high in sky hot and bright

watched life in it's many faces

charities given services rendered

conspiracies brewed traps laid

good and bad marched together.


Quiet and mild old and wise

Sun down in western sky

witness of life's activity

in it's duality of beauty and ugly.


Cool and white soft and tender

lovely Moon smiled in the sky

resting Sun and rising Moon

played shades of white and black in twilight zone.


Fading Sun and bursting Moon

painted sky in scattered light

Moon reflected the spirit of Sun

as youth reflects the traits of old.


The king of night cupid for lovers

lullaby for sleeping world

played mind games on love and crime

the night twined by good and evil.


From mini to macro

creation bloomed and life sustained on earth

by the power of sun rays and the nectar of moon beams.


Divine soul within reflects solar consciousness

celestial sun rays fall and rise 

from moon beams as guardian angels

active in human traits present in mind and body

reflect lunar consciousness.


Solar consciousness enlightens searching souls

lunar consciousness enlivens ancestors' souls

both Sun and Moon the two wonderful players day and night

on the field of blue planet Earth.





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