The Chat Room

Arista Blake is your average teenage girl. She's finishing high school, she's fun, she loves shopping and, most of all, she's single. On her last day of high school she goes shopping as a celebration for just finishing with her best friend, Faye. She gets a smoothie - and a leaflet - that soon has her meeting the guy of her dreams, Leo.

Though she really likes Leo, he lives 3 hours away, so they only see each other in a chat room. When Leo decides to move closer to her, problems arise. Can Leo and Arista get through these problems and stay together? Or will the stress of it all pull them apart? After all, they only met in a chat room.


1. Chapter 1

I woke to the sound of someone knocking at my bedroom door. I moved out of bed, shouting towards the door.

"Who is it?" I call out, to hear a reply from my longest best friend.

"It’s Faye. Get your lazy butt out of bed, now. It's our last exam today!" she cried, opening my door, smiling. She was dressed in a pair of faded denim shorts and a grey crop top with black boots. Her chocolate brown hair was curled and fell just below her shoulders, and she had very little makeup on.

"Last exam? We've finished high school that quickly?" I ask in disbelief. Faye nods happily, before sitting herself down at my dresser, reapplying her makeup. I smirk, and head for the bathroom to get a quick shower.


After fifteen minutes, when I've managed to find a pair of denim shorts and my cropped blue-check shirt with blue ballet pumps, I sit down at the dresser and start drying my black hair. Over the hairdryer, I can hear Faye reading her Math notes out loud, revising them. I smile, setting the hairdryer down when my hair has dried. I reach for my makeup bag, applying minimum foundation to my tanned face. I put on black mascara and eyeliner, and a light-coloured lipgloss. I nod towards Faye, and we both walk downstairs, ready for breakfast.

"Morning, Mrs Blake." Faye said to my mother, who just rolled her eyes and smiled. She was a small person with red hair and green eyes - the exact person I'd inherited my eye colour from. She was also very skinny, but then both of my parents were slim, and easy on the eyes.

"Faye, how many times have I told you to call me Mara. You've known me for how long and you're still using my surname?" my mother laughed, making Faye smile and blush. She apologised quietly and sat down at the breakfast bar with me and my younger sister, Carissa. Carissa nodded towards us both, passing over the jug of orange juice. I filled both mine and Faye's glasses before setting the jug down in the middle of the table. I took a sip of my juice before looking around, and realising that something was different this morning.

"Mom, is dad working early this morning, or is he just still in bed?" I asked. My dad was a businessman, and therefore had to travel a lot to get to a conference. He was quite a tall man with black hair and blue eyes. Both him and my mother still look twenty-nine, for adults over fourty.

"Yeah, he has a conference in Orlando at half-past ten, so he had to leave early this morning to make sure everything would be in check. He should be back by tomorrow night." she explained, setting a plate of pancakes on the table. Each of us helped ourselves to two, and quickly ate them before having to leave for school.


Me and Carissa jumped into Faye's silver Chevrolet Corvette. Faye quickly started the engine and I messed about with the CD player until I got to the A Day To Remember - Homesick album. I could see Carissa texting in the back seat of the car. I smiled and quickly turned to the house to wave goodbye to my mother. I saw her wave back before running up the stairs. I sighed, sat back, and waited to get to the school.


Carissa jumped out of the back seat as we pulled up to Pine View, and I let Faye park the car before getting out, grabbing my bag, and heading for the exam hall. Faye followed quickly, hugging me before we got into the hall. When we walked in, rows of exam tables and chairs were lined up, and students were filling the seats. I put my bag down at the side and walked towards my seat. Faye sat two rows in front of me. She turned and gave me a small, reassuring smile, before looking at her exam paper on her desk. I flicked through mine, quickly, preparing myself for my test.


Two hours later, and I’d finished my last exam. I looked up to see Faye turned in her chair, smiling at me. I smiled back before getting out of my chair, grabbing my bag and leaving the exam hall. I met up with Faye outside, who squealed in excitement and hugged me. I hugged her back, laughing at her expression. We both walked away from the exam hall and into the outside parking lot.

“Hey, Arista, you doing anything now that we’ve finished?” Faye asked me, walking beside me towards her car. I shook my head, softly.

“Why would I have anything planned? I never have stuff planned. Why, what’s going on?” I asked, knowing that she’d have something planned already before even consulting me. She smiled and got into the driver’s side of the car. I opened the passenger door as she spoke.

“Just a little bit of shopping, that’s all,” she replied. I smiled and got in the car, putting my seatbelt on before letting her drive away towards the nearest shopping centre.


“Faye, can we please stop with all this shopping?! My feet are freaking killing me!” I asked my best friend as she dragged me from shop to shop, making me try things on and making my bank budget drop as she convinced me to buy so many things. She laughed, slightly, and shook her head. Within the past two hours, we’ve visited over half the big mall’s busiest shops, and all around we were getting dirty looks as Faye barged past people to look at what’s on the clothes rails. I looked out the shop door, to see that across the walkway was the smoothie bar I loved going to each time I came to the mall.

“Faye, you carry on with your shopping. I’m gonna go get a smoothie, okay?” I said before walking out of the shop and towards the smoothie bar.


Inside the smoothie bar, you could see kids with laptops drinking pink, yellow, purple, green and blue smoothies. People were crowded around tables, chatting and having a laugh. Two slightly older guys were at the bar, serving customers with proud smiles on their faces. The whole atmosphere was lively, with vibrant colours everywhere you looked. I smiled and walked up to the bar, ordering a mango smoothie for myself and a strawberry and cream one for Faye. The man came back with my orders quickly, handing me a receipt and a leaflet before I left. I smiled and took the stuff he’d giving me, before going out to find Faye.


I saw Faye right outside the smoothie bar, waiting for me. I handed her the smoothie I’d gotten her, and sat down on the side with her. I put my own smoothie down and pulled out the leaflet the guy at the bar had given me.

“Did someone give you their number?” Faye asked, nosily. I shook my head, showing her the leaflet.







I took another read of the leaflet, and laughed quietly. Faye snatched the leaflet out of my hands before pulling out her phone and noting down the web address.

“Are you gonna go on it when you get home?” she asked me. I shrugged my shoulders, grabbing the leaflet and folding it before putting it back into my pocket.

“Who knows?” I replied, smiling to myself, before picking up my drink and taking a sip.

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