What doesn't kill you makes you stronger

When the twins parents die, they leave to find fame. With their bright violet eyes and powers that come with them they also set off to find out who they inherited them off. On the way they bump into five boys and romance sparks...but it seems where ever they turn something bad happens.


4. Who.....?


as I lay on my make shift bed i wondered...what would it be like to leave? As i thought this more i just started crying. I mean come on im 15 gonna be 16 soon and I start crying for no reason! I wanted Trinity with me. So I ran to her restaurant, I ran and ran until i came to the outside of it and collapsed. That's when I heard someone screaming my name and i saw blurred people coming towards me.


I turn in my bed and see a poster of five boys i don't know. I see my sister walking past my bedroom kissing one of them. I immediately get up and look closer at the poster. The blonde ones cute....I think to myself. I slowly walk away from the poster and then fall into a deep dark hole and 

WAKE UP-----

"TRIN!" I shout as i sit up. I hear crying but as my eyes focus i realize that its Trinity crying, but with joy. She hugs me and I hug back. "What happened?" She asks softly as she sits me on a chair. "I had a...a...a feeling." I said covering up the word 'vision' as i was aware we had company. "Oh..." She said getting what I meant. I look around me and see the five boys i had dreamed about. "Hello!" The blond one chirped, because of this i realised he was Irish...I love Irish accents! "H..h...hi?" I stuttered, "sorry but who are you people?!?" 

Trinity looked at me as if she was sad, "they were my clients..." She said sadly. "Oh my god!!!!!!" I shouted, "Trin im SO sorry!!!!" She laughed and shook her head. "I wouldn't worry!" Said the curly head one...I didnt like him he was checking me out...

"We're still paying for the meals!" The dark haired on said. I smiled, "ok but now im conscious can i know your names?" They laughed and got in a line. "Im Louis!" The first one (the one in stripes) said as he bowed ridiculously. I laughed really loud and my sis have me a glare. "Im Zayn!" The dark haired one said second as he made his hair neat. "Im Liam!" The next one said as he did the flick with his hair. "Im Harry!" Curly said checking me out again...ugh. The last one was staring at me...the Irish one. I blushed and he stepped forward, "and im Niall..." He whispered. "Hi.." I whispered back. Now they were all looking at mine and Trins eyes. Zayn was staring at both of us while Liam and Louis were checking out my sister. Meanwhile Harry and Niall were staring at me.

"Nice to meet you!" My sister said bowing, "Im Trinity but you can call me Trin!" I laughed quite loudly and she glared at me again while Niall chuckled. "Im Bethany!" I told them but I felt like i mostly told Niall...weird. "We're One Direction!" They sang to us. 

"Wait!........Who?!?" I asked. They all turned to stare at me.

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