What doesn't kill you makes you stronger

When the twins parents die, they leave to find fame. With their bright violet eyes and powers that come with them they also set off to find out who they inherited them off. On the way they bump into five boys and romance sparks...but it seems where ever they turn something bad happens.


8. we can't do this

    Trinity's POV

  "Beth?" I tried again as she was looking star strucked into her phone. I finally snatched the phone out of her phone, "BETH!" I screamed "yes?" she asked innocently. I rolled my eyes "you cant go on a date with Niall" I commanded kind of feeling bad that we cant have a normal life. "huh? how'd you know?" She asked astounded "past, present, future. plus you were staring at your Nialler's texts like this!" I said making a shocked lovey face. "so again you can't go that date!" I scolded she stood up so she was facing me directly. "who are you to tell me that?!?" she yelled "your older sister! and what if your powers get out of control? they'll ruin us!" I pointed out. "YOU ARE SIX MINUETS OLDER!!! and there not like that..." she cried. "Bethany i'm not doing this to be mean, trust me I want to see Louis so very badly..." I reasoned. a sigh escaped my lips. Beth nodded her lips. "but I guess you can go on this one date" I smiled her eyes lit up. "thank you" she squealed I hugged her, and kissed her fourhead "love you sorry for fighting" I said. she hugged back "it's ok I under stand we have to be careful" she smiled we let go and Beth skipped off to get ready. I hope everything goes ok...

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