What doesn't kill you makes you stronger

When the twins parents die, they leave to find fame. With their bright violet eyes and powers that come with them they also set off to find out who they inherited them off. On the way they bump into five boys and romance sparks...but it seems where ever they turn something bad happens.


12. i need to be careful

           Trinity's POV

    Louis and I had an awesome time, I tried as hard as I could to keep my powers under control , it wasn't just Bethany who couldn't control herself if I wasn't thinking I could suddenly have fire coming out of my hands. one time Beth says I was daydreaming ounce and I did some weird stuff with my powers. but besides that Louis ended up sleeping over, he insisted that he sleeps on the couch because and I quote 'didn't want his girl getting a back ache' how sweet!

   That leads us to this morning, I awoke to deep snoring. ha, "LOU WAKE UP" I screamed annoyed by his snore. that didn't work, I sighed and backed up before funning over to the couch and jumping on top of him. "ow what the hell was that for?!?" he huffed as I laughed "although I do like this position" he smirked,

   that shut me up "you perv" I yelled

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