What doesn't kill you makes you stronger

When the twins parents die, they leave to find fame. With their bright violet eyes and powers that come with them they also set off to find out who they inherited them off. On the way they bump into five boys and romance sparks...but it seems where ever they turn something bad happens.


10. fine!

       Trinity's POV

 "were the hell is she" I mumbled under my breath. I was worried what if they found out what we were and will send us to some scientific lab or something? I don't want that for me and not for Bethany! "hi" I heard someone say from behind me I jumped and turned around right away, I met a pair of sparkling blue eyes. "god, don't do that to me!" I screeched at a smirking Louis. wait. why was he even here?

  "why are you in my house- attic?, oh what ever you get the point!" I exclaimed, he chuckled "just wanted to drop by and ask you something" he said with a smirk.

    "well go ahead" I demanded waving my hands in a way telling him to continue. he suddenly got flustered and shy, "well, um I was wondering if you'd be my g- girlfriend?" he stuttered scratching the back of his neck. "we don't even know each other!" I exclaimed. "then let me take you on a date! just I really like you and will you please give me a chance? he asked. my head was screaming 'No No No"

      but still I found myself saying "yes, ok just one cha-" I was cut off by a pair of lips meeting mine. I kissed back slowly. I knew this was wrong but it felt so, so, right.


                                                       CHAPTER BY ONEDIRECTION55


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