Oblivion *An AU One Direction Fan Fiction*

She wished she could just fall into oblivion.
❀Warning, this story could trigger self-harm! Leave a comment on my profile if you need to talk.❀


2. Chapter 2

Liam helped Ali into his large black SUV and sped off to Abode. Once they got there, the sun was starting to set under the horizon. The clouds were a light orange. Liam led Ali into the restaurant, which was practically empty. The waiter led Liam and Ali to their table, which was right in front of the large window, over looking the gorgeous scenery outside. The waiter poured the finest Champaign for the two. Ali stared at it, not wanting to add the extra calories to her meal, but she lifted her glass to Liam’s and touched it softly causing a small clink. She pretended to drink it and set her glass back softly on the table. Liam swallowed his down smiling at the taste. There was such a warm, bubbly feeling inside him. The waiter came back and Liam ordered the steak and mashed potatoes while Ali ordered a small salad with the dressing and cheese on the side.

“Babe, why didn’t you get the steak?” Liam asked. Before the Take Me Home Tour, Ali always ordered the steak; it was to die for here.


“Just not that hungry.” Ali smiled brushing it off but Liam felt like something wasn’t right. He wasn’t sure what it was, but he would find out. All of a sudden, there was a loud.

“Don’t you know who I am? I want to take my wonderful girlfriend here for a nice dinner and I find out the whole freaking place is reserved! By who? I don’t see any parties going on.”

“Sir, I’m sorry, but the place was reserved out!” The hostess said, trying to keep her patience. Liam stood up and walked over to see what all the commotion with Ali following him. Liam tried not to laugh at the sight in front of him. Zayn didn’t notice his best mate standing there.

“I’m so sorry, I can’t get this man to leave. I’ll call security.” The hostess said to Liam.

“You can let them in, no big deal. This man just got home from the One Direction World Tour.” Liam smiled. The hostess looked unsure but let them in. Zayn looked up at the voice and saw his best mate.


“You rented out the whole freaking place!” Zayn exclaimed. Liam stifled a laugh and nodded.  “You’re freaking kidding me! I went on tour with the dude!” Zayn exclaimed. Perrie laughed and tried to calm her boyfriend down. “Hi Ali!” Zayn said, soon forgetting his anger.

“Hey Zayn!” Ali said with a small smile. Zayn hugged her tightly. Liam did the same with Perrie.

“You feel smaller than you did when I last saw you.” Zayn acknowledged. Ali cringed.

“Ali, you okay?” Zayn asked with concern. Ali nodded and let go. Zayn knew what was going on. He noticed what Liam didn’t. He glanced down at Ali’s wrist his stomach churning. Liam and Perrie were deep in conversation talking about their band’s tours. Zayn looked down at Ali.

“Ali, please don’t tell me you did that.” Zayn said softly, referencing to cutting. Ali looked down.

“Please don’t tell him.” Ali whispered hey blue eyes glossing over. Zayn felt horrible.

“Ali, this is serious.” Zayn pleaded he was trying to keep his shit together for Ali.

“Zayn, please, not tonight. You guys just got home. I don’t want to ruin his first night home.” She said quietly. Tears were about to spill over. She was scared and broken.
“Fine, but Ali, tomorrow, you have to tell him, or I’m gonna do it.” Zayn said right as Liam ended his conversation with Perrie. Zayn and Perrie were seated at the table right next to them. All the food arrived and Ali took a bite of her salad, putting no dressing or cheese on it. She could see Zayn staring at her, his big eyes pleading her to eat. Ali took a few more bites and then pushed her plate in. She took a big sip of water hoping she could wash away the taste and feeling of eating and shame away. Zayn watched her intently and gave her a small smile.

“So Ali, what have you been up to when we were all gone?” Perrie asked.


“Same old. It was always raining so, I started classes online.” Ali lied. She did nothing; she barely left her and Liam’s room never mind the flat. Ali’s voice shook but no one seemed to notice.

“What classes did you take?” Liam asked, believing the lie that Ali had told.

“Uhm, another Psychology course.” Ali said, coming up with on the spot. Ali was shaking, she wanted to run to the bathroom and throw up.


“Babe, take this.” Liam whispered, slipping off his jacket and wrapping it around Alison’s shoulder.

“Thanks.” She said quietly. She felt as if she was going to break into tears. Zayn felt helpless for one of his best friends.


“You wanna go home?” Liam asked. Ali nodded softly. “We’re gonna head on home but we’ll all hang out tomorrow!” Liam said cheerfully. Zayn and Perrie agreed, and the couples went their separate ways back to their flats. As soon as they got home, Ali changed into a pair of pajamas and fell fast asleep in Liam’s arms. In the morning Alison woke up to find Liam still fast asleep. Ali crawled out of bed, dreading the start of the day. She grabbed a long-sleeved pink blouse and a pair of lace shorts. She headed into the kitchen and started breakfast, bacon and eggs, Liam’s favorite. As soon as the bacon was cooked, Liam wandered into the kitchen. He gabbed Ali into a hug and rested his head on her shoulder.


“Morning babe. Is that bacon I smell?” Liam said in a low and raspy morning voice.

“Of course it is.” Ali said and placed the dish of bacon, eggs and home fries in front of him.

“Aren’t you gon’ eat babe?” Liam said digging into his breakfast.

“I had a yogurt before you woke up.” Ali lied. She hated lying and it made her feel worse.

“You wanna invite everyone over?” Liam asked, finishing his breakfast?

“Of course. Now go get ready.” Ali said pecking Liam’s lips. Ali stepped onto the deck pulling out her phone and dialing Zayn’s number. It was eleven so he should be up.

“Hey Ali.” Zayn said quietly. Ali heard Liam get into the shower.

“Zayn, I-I can’t d-do this!” Ali howled, tears poring down her face.


Another crappy chapter... Sorry. Thank you for all the sweet comments❀ Spoiler Alert... in case you didn't already figure this out, Liam finds out in the next chapter. DRAMA! Stay awesome and keep commenting lovelies❀


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