Don't you forget about me

Georgia Rose is a 12 year old girl who doesn't have a lot of friends in school. But when a boy named Harry Styles moves in to her town, will they become friends....or best friends?


2. You again

The next day I woke up... 10:00 

I rolled off my bed and went to go take a shower.

When I got out of the shower I put on a shirt from aeropostale, then some jean shorts and my black vans. I just put my hair up in a messy bun because it was easy. I was bored and my parents were at work, so I went outside to take a walk. It was SOO hot outside.

As I was walking I saw someone else walking, I couldn't tell who it was but then, I knew...Harry.

I walked towards him.

He looked at me and smiled then started running towards me.

"Hey Harry!" I yelled

"hey Georgia!" he yelled 

"what's up!" I asked

"nothing really just bored." he said 

"well, I know it's kinda childish but there is a park near by we could go to if you want?" I asked

"Sure!" Harry said

As we were walking he asked me a question 

"so tell me about yourself." he asked

"well...uuh I like to dance, and... Well what do you want to know about me?" I said

"ok well what's your favorite color?" he said laughing 

" purple." I said giggling 

" what about you? I asked him

"well I really like to sing..." he said

"REALLY!!" I said

"yeah" he said

" that's cool." I said

We got to the park and I looked at him and ran towards a swing.

"really" he said

"yeah really" I said laughing

He got on another one and we started to swing.

Then we got off and started to walk home.

" it's cool how are houses are almost right next to each other." I said

"yeah." he said

"well I had fun and I hope we can see each other soon." Harry said

"yeah me too...but I'm going on vacation next week sooo..." I said

"well we can still see each other before that." he said

"yeah!" I said

He smiled at me then walked away. 



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