Don't you forget about me

Georgia Rose is a 12 year old girl who doesn't have a lot of friends in school. But when a boy named Harry Styles moves in to her town, will they become friends....or best friends?


3. Uh oh

That morning I woke up and my throat hurt, and I had a head ache. I slowly got out out of bed and went downstairs. I saw my mom getting ready to go to work.

"on no sweety are you ok!" she asked.

"I don't know...I mean I woke up and my throat hurts and I have a head ache." I said

"aww do you want me to stay home and take care of you! I can!" my mom asked.

"it's fine mom! Go to work." I said

"are you sure?" she asked.

"positive." I said.

"alright..I gotta go now, I love you so much sweety!" she said

"love you" I said

As she was walking out the door I went upstairs and crawled back  in bed and I think I fell back asleep.

                                            ~30 minutes later~

I woke up and i turned on the tv and crawled back in bed.

...nothing...nothing is on tv....great just great.

"ding dong."

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