Don't you forget about me

Georgia Rose is a 12 year old girl who doesn't have a lot of friends in school. But when a boy named Harry Styles moves in to her town, will they become friends....or best friends?


5. He cheered me up

After Harry left all I could think about was.....why did he come over? Did he know I was sick? This was weird but he did cheer me up and I hope he knows it. 

I went upstairs and went to bed.

I was asleep and I heard the door open, it was my mom....and someone else. Who was it?

i heard a mans voice and my mom shushed him.... Creepy..... Then I heard them come upstairs. I opened my eyes a little bit and looked at the man. He wasn't my dad! Is my mom cheating on him!?!?

they left my room and went into my parents bedroom, they shut the door and then I went back to sleep. I am CREEPED OUT AND SCARED!

should I ask my mom about it? NO! She will yell at me! I don't want to tell my dad until I figure out who that man is, and why is here! I tried to get my mind off of it so I thought about...Harry, he made my day so special! He is my best friend and he is my only best friend..... Well he is my only friend too.

the next morning I woke up and I saw my moms door open. I looked in and didn't see my mom,or anyone.

I was worried...very worried. 

Was she cheating on my dad?

WHO was this person?

do I know him?

I walked downstairs and saw my mom drinking coffee and pouring a bowl of cereal.

"Good morning honey!" She said

"good morning mom." I answered.

should I tell her I saw that man last night? 

NO! I couldn't do that.

i just ate a bowl of cereal and then went upstairs. 

I got dressed and went upstairs. I ran down the steps and went outside.

i didn't know what to do, how to feel,I am scared.

I need Harry.... I really need his help.

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