An Angel dressed in Armour ~a hunger games story~

Lola a 13 year old girl from district 5 Joey a 13 year old boy also so from district 5. They are the Tributes for the 70th annual hunger games. He smiles I gulp the odds are not exactly in our favor .


1. Wake up

Lola's POV

I feel myself being shook awake "get up it's reaping day hopefully you'll die" my father growled as you may have guessed he pretty much hates me. "You said that last year" I mumbled I am 13 last year my name was only in the bowl once but it has changed now. My Father yanks me up by my hair and literally throws me in the direction of the bathroom "how much uglier can you get" he mutters. I bet you thinking 'wheres her mom? what a bad parent for not noticing' well my mother is dead.Murdered.By none other than my own father I was there.I shudder at the memory turn on the taps and try to push all thoughts of that ghastly night aside.The water is cold, freezing more like my dad has never been good with bills. After i am clean i pick out a dress for the reaping ,then change and finally one kick from my father now it is off to the justice building.


         Lola's reaping dress

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