An Angel dressed in Armour ~a hunger games story~

Lola a 13 year old girl from district 5 Joey a 13 year old boy also so from district 5. They are the Tributes for the 70th annual hunger games. He smiles I gulp the odds are not exactly in our favor .


3. The Reaping

Lola's pov

I que nervously with many others from my district as a harsh looking women pricks my finger a dots my blood on a piece of paper. I am pushed in the crowd of girls and wait for our extravagant District 5 escort to strut on to the stage."Welcome Welcome and happy hunger games everyone may the odds be ever in your favor now the time has come for us to select one courageous man and women for the honor of representing district five in the 70th annual hunger games  as usual ladies first" Elisia's  (i think thats her name)  voice boomed round the justice building everyone of us braced our selves."Lola Winters" my name that's my name! No this is only my second year this can't happen I don't move I couldn't if I tried I am stuck. A peace keeper shoves me forward "come on up here dear" Elisia sings I slowly make my way to the stage shaking. Dear God please make some one volunteer please I scream in my head but of course no one does." Now for the boys" chimes Elisia "Joey sertori".

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