An Angel dressed in Armour ~a hunger games story~

Lola a 13 year old girl from district 5 Joey a 13 year old boy also so from district 5. They are the Tributes for the 70th annual hunger games. He smiles I gulp the odds are not exactly in our favor .


4. The Reaping (Joeys Pov)

Joey's Pov

"Joey Sertori" Elisia's voice filled the justice building. Is that me, everyone turned and stared at me I slowly ambled towards the stage "ah come on up the crowd is waiting!" Elisia called a little too cheerily, doesn't she think it's a little mean to force children to fight to the death just for their entertainment? I glance at the female tribute she is about my age maybe younger which I guess is a good thing because she doesn't look as though she could kill me straight away ."Shake hands you two"Elisia sings "ladies and gentlemen are disrict 5 tributes for the 70th annual hunger games"

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