The Boy Band Next Door

Sometimes people seem annoying but when you spend time with eachother.You
Instantly fall inlove.The same happend to me,my to best friends and my cousin.We hated this U.K band One Direction.And guess what they were our neighbors.....


7. Zayn I Trust You!!!

Zayn P.O.V Claudia why cant you be mine.Forever.''Guys I think I need to talk with Claudia for a second.''i said.''Okay but why is everyone leaving?''liam asked.''I don't know?''i replied as i left with Claudia. *At the Room* Claudia P.O.V I was disgusted when Zayn took my hand.It felled uncomfortable.YUCK.But he is kinda cute.CLAUDIA BEHAVE YOURSELF!''Umm...Claudia..I...''Zayn said nervese.''Claudia what?''i said.WOW.I sound kinda crabby.''Claudia...Umm...I...Love...You.''He said.My heart sank.Thats not what I excpected to hear!''Zayn..Theres..No..Future.for us''i said as i was holding Zayn arms.WOW.He really works out.Claudia theres no future for u to!.I see Zayns eyes i can tell he was about to cry.''No Zayn dont cry.''i said.I saw his tear roll over his cheek.''Im not theres just something in my eye.''he said as i wiped his tears with my thumb.''Yeah,I know and those things are tears.''i said as we both laughed.Got damn boy.Thats it i cant take no more.I cant believe it i was falling for him.He leaned really close to me.Our nose touched.I smiled.He then smiled.Then i couldnt help it.
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