The Boy Band Next Door

Sometimes people seem annoying but when you spend time with eachother.You
Instantly fall inlove.The same happend to me,my to best friends and my cousin.We hated this U.K band One Direction.And guess what they were our neighbors.....


2. Why Them?!?

Katy P.O.V

I saw my parents car leave.But I saw another car parking is it.It Is!!!"I ran down stairs smiling-as well."Katy!!!''I heard my cheeky curly haired girl Carla yelling.As we were hugging i said''Weres Amy?''(my other best friend.)"In the car."Carla said as we separated and she pointed to the car"Claudia?''i said(My cousin)"In the car helping Amy."she said.''Lets help them.''i said as she gave me a ok look.."Nee help?''i said as Claudia gave me a huge hug.''Hey,what about mua.''Abby said as i gave her a big,huge,gigantic hug.Sometimes we act like girly girls,even though were not."Okay,Amy you take 2 boxes,Carla you take 2,Claudia you also get two,and so do I."i said giving them their boxes."How do we now which is our room?"Claudia said she the quit one but still fun to be with.''Lefties to the left,Righties to the right."i said me and Claudia were lefties everyone thought she was my sister but were just cousins.The other 2 were righties.''My room is the first one to the left and Claudia yours is the second one to the left and Amy you get the first room to the right and Carla the second one to the right."i said as all of them gave me the alright look.We all unpacked and organized everything.It looked AMAZING.It was 3:00 pm and we were still in are pj's.''Girls!!''Carla yelled.''What!''we all yelled you know except Carla."Com here."she said as we all went down stairs.''What?"we said"Lets change."she probrobly notice the pjs too."Why?''said Claudia."Because were in pjs."Amy said making a weird face."Yeah and i want meet our neighbors."she said"True.we do have to look nice.''i said''Well girls lets get dressed!!!"Claudia said


I know how much you guys wanted me to update soo here it is :D


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