The Boy Band Next Door

Sometimes people seem annoying but when you spend time with eachother.You
Instantly fall inlove.The same happend to me,my to best friends and my cousin.We hated this U.K band One Direction.And guess what they were our neighbors.....


3. Why Them?!? cont.

We all wore this: Carly,Amy,Katy,and Claudia.


Amy P.O.V

"WOW.we are smokin hot."Katy said''Hey I bet our neighbors are boys that are single and ready to mingle."Carly said "well lets get going."i said.As we started walking to the neighbors house we all put makup on.Example:Red lipstick,mascara,eyeliner,ans a little bit of pink blush.

Now we all looked sexy.

Katy P.O.V

We were about to meet our neighbors.My heart skipped a beat.I was shaking.Afraid.Scared.Happy.

Because i was excited to meet our neighbors and what if our neighbors hate me.Thats what i was afraid of.

There we were in the front porch.And sence I lost the bet i made a few weeks ago i had to knock the door.I finally had the courage to knock the door.

*knock knock*

''Hello.''a guy with black hair stood their i checked him out and i felt a knott in my stomach. couldnt be One Direction i Hate them...

"Hi were your new neighbors."Claudia said but i knew she was disguested."Oh really come in."Zayn said as we went inside..UGH WHY THEM WHY NOT THE WANTED OR SOMETHING!!!


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