I Found You

I have known Harry Styles my whole life. After the X- Factor One Direction goes on tour and then he finally comes back for a few months, bringing the boys along with him. One of his best mates asks me out and Harry does something very unexpected.


7. Unexpected

10 minutes later the doorbell rings. "I've got it." I say slowly getting up. I was shocked at the site. It was Zak. "What the hell Zak!" I say about to slam the door in his face. "I just got a job at the pizzeria yesterday so calm the fuck down.. I'm not stalking you!" he says shoving the pizza's towards me. I look down at the floor and make my hair fall in my face. "What's going on here?" Harry asks standing up and moving close to me protectively. "Nothing Haz..this ass hole was just about to leave." I say a lot louder then I expected to. I throw the money at him and slam the door shut. I run onto the couch and jump on top of Niall, burying my face in his chest. He rubs my back and pulls me close. "He's not worth it..you deserve better." he whispers to me. I sit up slightly and wipe my eyes. Harry and Louis sit side by side giving each other small glares. "Who wants pizza?" asks Torie breaking the silence. Niall reaches for a piece with me still on top of him.  "I'll be right back." I say to Niall as I stand up. He nods and takes a bite of his pizza. I run upstairs into the bathroom and wipe my eyes and look at myself in the mirror. I looked horrible. I grabbed my makeup bag from my room and shut the door.
I reapplied my mascara and foundation. I brush my hair trying to make it look better. When I thought it looked ok I walked downstairs again. Only Harry and Niall look up at me as I sit down. Niall kisses me on top of the head and wraps his arms around me.


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