I Found You

I have known Harry Styles my whole life. After the X- Factor One Direction goes on tour and then he finally comes back for a few months, bringing the boys along with him. One of his best mates asks me out and Harry does something very unexpected.


1. Memories

-November 12, 2007 (Lexa 10 years old) (Harry 11 years old)

"95,96,97,98,99,100! Ready or not,here I come!" Harry's voice yelled through the house. He was in the living room downstairs while I was hiding in his bedroom closet. 
I kinda thought my hiding spot was too easy to find but, Harry would have to remove all his clothes and then look at the secret space below by removing a moveable plank to find me. So he wasn't gonna find me that easily after all. Suddenly, I heard thumping of Harry's feet downstairs as he tried to find me. He's always loud when it come to Hide 'n' Seek. It didn't quite suprise me. My eyes widen a little but when then loud crash of glass was heard followed by Harry yelling. "Wasn't Me!" he yelled. I tried to maintain my laughter by covering my mouth with my hand. "Come out,come out,where ever you are." Harry chanted as he climbed the staircase. I breathed in a deep breath while holding my excitement as I heard floorboards from the hallway creaking. Soon, a door was opened by the sound of the handle turning. "I'll definitely find you Lex." Harry mumbled as he came towards the closet. (Lex was the nickname he gave me.) The door was swung open with ease and the closet door instantly filled with sunlight from the afternoon sun. "Are you in here Lex?" Haz asked as if I was there when I am but underneath. I held my breath and waited for him to walk out of the room and close the door so I could start breathing again like a human. "Hm. Guess she's not In here." he said as he closed the closet door leaving me in the darkness and walking out of the room. For 15 minutes, I listened to Harry's feet thumping on the floorboards back and forth as he searched for me from top to bottom of his house. Then I started to feel drowsy so I crawled out of my hiding spot and layed comfortably on top of Harry's bed and falling peacefully asleep. Before I had completely fallen asleep  I saw a glimpse of Harry at his bedroom doorway looking at me, smiling. He came towards me and stroked my hair gently. "I Found You." 

1st of August (8 years later)


Alexa's POV:

"Leave me alone!! I yelled at Zak. Zak was my boyfriend of 5 months. We met on the month of November during My birthday but now...he's my ex-boyfriend of 5 months.
 "Gladly!" he shouted at me as he spun around stomping down the front pavement to his car muttering curse words at me. Not that I cared he's just an arrogant douchebag. "Good riddance to you!" I screamed as I stick my tongue out at him while pointing him the finger at him as he drove away. "Stupid asshole. Wish I never met you in the first place."

I muttered under my breath as I spun on my feet and walked into my house. Torie my best friend looked up from her phone when she heard the door shut hard. "What's wrong?" she asked. "Nothing." I said, kicking my converse and throwing them on the shoe rack. "Ya know, you sometimes sound like my mom."

I said. "I get that a lot...from you that is." she said and smiled. "Anyway, what's new?" I asked. "Nothing much.. Oh! Guess who's here?"

She asks. "Um..I don't know..who?"

I ask curiously. "Go up to your room and see if that answers your question." Torie said as she walked into the kitchen. I looked at her then dashed to my room. Then my eyes settled on the curly brown haired figure sitting on my bed and looking around my room. "Harry!"

I screamed in delight startling my friend. Harry jumps and looks up at me. His amazing green eyes lock with mine and he smiles. "Lexa!"

He yells as he got to his feet and opening his arms wide which I jump into while he spun me around in a circle. "I missed you so much!" I said after laughing from spinning. We've been apart since he joined the band 'One Direction. I've met the lads and I'm really good friends with their girlfriends as well. We constantly text each other and Skype occasionally but that wasn't the same like meeting him in person. 
Haz put me down on my feet and I just managed to stay upright. I scowled playfully at him and his smile turned into a smirk. "I missed you too." Harry said returning the smile. "So how's London? Why are you back? How was the tour? How are the lads? Freaking God! There's just so much to catch up on!" I fired questions at him as he stood there stunned. "Ok...Lexa! Breathe. I think I can answer those questions slowly at my pace. So just calm down lady!" Harry said. We sat down on my bed side by side. "Well..hurry up and answer the questions already!" I said excitedly. "Okay! Geez. Anyways, London is London. Nothing new.

Me and the lads got a month break since the tour is finished which by the way was awesome. The lads are still the same and I see you've done loads of stuff while I was gone..So, how's the girls?" I ask. "Well they're doing fine. El, Dani and Perrie are still with Louis,Liam and Zayn. "Still going strong," he said. "Hm.Well,how about you and Niall?" I ask. "Still in progress." Harry said. "I see," I said.


"Well I'm sorry that you haven't found the perfect girl yet. Tell that to Niall too." I say as I placed my hand on his shoulder. "It's okay but sooner or later, I will definitely find that girl but what about you? How's the relationship going with that boyfriend of your....Zak is it?" Harry asked. "Yes. His name is Zak but he's my ex-boyfriend now," I say looking down. "When did that happen?" Harry asked. "About a couple minutes ago." I say looking at my clock. "Aren't you upset about it?" he asks. "UPSET?! He's a total jerk. He even tried to control me, change me and you know that I hate it when people do that." I say. Harry nodded. "I missed you so much! I say. Then it was silent. He leaned back and put his head on my lap. "Yeah I miss hanging out with you."

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