I Found You

I have known Harry Styles my whole life. After the X- Factor One Direction goes on tour and then he finally comes back for a few months, bringing the boys along with him. One of his best mates asks me out and Harry does something very unexpected.


11. Jealously

Alexa's POV:

I was sleeping peacefully until I was awaken by someone bouncing up and down on the bed. "Time to get up you two!!!" yells the voice who I recognized as Harry. I kick at him as he tries to take the blankets off of me. "Go away Harry!!" I say moving my head deeper into the pillow. "Don't make me get Zayn and Lou!" he says threating us. Last time they slept over which was a  couple of months ago, I ended up being dragged down the stairs by the two of them and it wasn't very fun. "If you call them in here you won't be alive for very long after that." says Niall,his accent very thick and scratchy. I laugh and move closer to him and kiss his cheek. "You wouldn't hurt Hazza." I say hopeful, I was very protective over Harry...maybe it was because I had a small crush on him or that it was because he was my best friend. "If he hurt someone then yeah." says Niall looking over at Harry who was standing in the doorway. I was so confused about what Niall just said then I remembered what happened last night. Did he seriously like me? Or was him saying I love you just a dream? I looked at Niall and back at the doorway but Harry was gone. He was so damn sneaky you never saw when he left.  "I should lock the door next time." I say putting a piece of hair behind my ear. "Good idea." he mumbles and closes his eyes. I grab my phone off of the nightstand and see I got a text from Torie. 
OMG!!! Louis kissed me last night!  
My eyes widen and I type:
Torie!! He has a fucking girlfriend!!!!!!

While I'm waiting for her to reply I take a picture of Niall with his hair messed up adorably and I post it on twitter. @NiallOffical someone's being quite lazy today.

Finally Torie says:
Last night I couldn't sleep so I went downstairs and Louis was out on the front porch and he was yelling at Eleanor saying how she cheated on him and he threw his phone on the ground and I went out there and he kissed me and asked me out... 

I was in total shock and replied: 
Well what the hell did you say?!!!

I don't know why but this was really freaking me out. Me and Eleanor were very good friends but me and Torie have been best friends for many years. 

I of course said yes!!!! she said. 

I took a huffy breath and threw my phone on the end of the bed. "Niall get your ass up!" it's already 10:30." I say and shake him. He opens his eyes and smiles at me. "Do you like my ass?" he asks and bursts out laughing. "No!" I say and blush. "Well you must since you mentioned it!" he says and gets on top of me.  "Fuck No!" I say and try to push him off of me. "Just admit it!" he laughs and shoves a pillow in my face. I notice Harry in the hallway his eyes start burning I can see some tears running down his cheeks. His face grew grim. I saw him run down the hallway slowly, never turning back. "Harry!" I shout. "What's wrong?" Asks Niall giving me a worried look. "It's..It's..just let me go find him." I say and move him out of the way. I run downstairs looking everywhere. "Liam where'd Harry go?" I asks pacing back in forth in the living room. "I don't know..he didn't say anything just slammed the door and drove away in his car...why what happened?" He asks standing up and putting a hand on my shoulder trying to comfort me. "Its Nothing.." I say and grab my keys off of the counter and walk out the door...not caring that I was still in my pajamas. Whenever Harry was mad he'd always go to a bar or a club so that was the first place I was going to look. I ended up finding him in Jerry's bar...10 miles away from the house. He was sitting on a bar stool drinking a beer. "Harry what the hell was that all about?" I ask sitting down next to him. "Your......A...Go..od..Fr..ie..nd." He says slurring his words. "Come on." I say tugging on his arm. "We'll talk about this later when your sober." I've never seen him this drunk. As I pull him up he trips over his own foot. I make him put his arm around my shoulder so I could steady him. I kick open the door and walk him across the parking lot. "Le..xa..yo..ur..a..goo..d..fr..iend." 
he says for the second time.  I shake my head and try and dig my car keys out of my pocket with one hand...I help him into the car and try to make him buckle his seatbelt.  I can't believe him..just cuz me and Niall are laughing and having fun he has to go get drunk. I pull up to the house and run inside leaving Harry in the car..I needed Louis..he was the only one who could talk to Harry. "Louis? I need you!!" I yelled around the house. He comes down the stairs and stands on the edge. "What do you need?" he asks patting his hair down. "Um..Harry's in my car drunk and I need you to help me get him out and could you maybe talk to him?" I say looking down at the floor. "Yeah sure..Why the fuck is he drunk?" he asks walking outside with me. "I don't know that's what I want you talk to him about..he got mad cuz me and Niall were laughing and that's all I know." I say pointing to a very drowsy Harry. "You grab one arm and I'll grab the other." he says taking off Harry's seat belt. We drag him into the house and throw him on the couch. Niall comes running down the stairs when he hears the front door shut. "There you are Lex.." he stops and looks at Harry. "Is he drunk?" he asks stepping closer."Yes..Yes he is!" I say brushing past him and stomping up the stairs. I close my door with force and collapse on my bed.  "What the hell has gotten into Harry?" I whisper to myself. I walk over to my jewelry box and pull out the heart necklace he'd gotten me for my birthday last year. I rub my finger along it and smile thinking of that memory. I put it back in the box and close it..he was so different then. I look down at my clothes and remember I'm still in my pajamas..I guess I should change. I look through my stuff until I find a pair of white shorts and a crop top that said Be Happy...not possible right now but I felt like wearing it. I didn't really care that it exposed my stomach. I changed and took off my eye makeup sense it was smeared and reapplied my mascara. A knock at my door almost makes me stab myself in the eye. "What?" I say in somewhat of a snobby tone. Niall appears and stands in the doorway. "Are you ok?" he asks watching my every move. "Yeah why wouldn't I be? I mean my best friends' only passed out on the couch right now!!!" I say walking out of the bathroom and going into my room. Niall frowns and sits down on my bed. "I'm sorry I'm acting like this...I'm just really mad right now." I say sitting down next to him and putting my head on his shoulder. "It's ok..." he says quietly. "Why did he even get drunk in the first place?" he asks looking at me. "I think he was mad for some reason that me and you were laughing and joking around." I say and look at the pictures I have hanging up of me and the boys..we had a lot of fun times..I start laughing when I look at the picture that Liam took of me and Niall having a water gun fight. "What are you laughing at?" he asks. "I'm laughing at that picture of me and you over there!" I say standing up and pointing to the picture on the board. He gets up as well and starts looking at it...Liam had stuck his hand out and was pointing to us and I was squirting Niall in the face. He smiles and starts looking at the rest of them. "Remember this one?" he asks pointing to the picture of me and him both sticking our tongues out at the camera..then you see Louis in the background behind Niall awkwardly waving and crossing his eyes. "Oh my god!!" I say and starts bursting out laughing. We both fall to the floor and start rolling around. I start laughing into his chest and eventually lay my head on it.  We start talking about when we all went camping together and me and him took a bucket full of water from a lake and went into Harry's tent and poured it all over him. Niall grabs my hand and squeezes it. "Lexa?" he says quietly. "Yeah?" I say and our eyes meet. "I love you...I love you not because you’re adorable or because you’re sweet, or because you’re my best friend. I love you because you make me step outside myself and look at who I really am. I can tell you absolutely everything and I know you will listen. And you’re one of my best friends. I've been keeping this inside for 4 years...so ple.." I stop him from saying anymore and grab the helms of his shirt pulling him into a kiss. I felt so much for him. We break apart and he looks at me suprised. "I love you too." I say putting my hand on the back of his neck kissing him again.


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