I Found You

I have known Harry Styles my whole life. After the X- Factor One Direction goes on tour and then he finally comes back for a few months, bringing the boys along with him. One of his best mates asks me out and Harry does something very unexpected.


23. Gone forever


Alexa's POV:
My phone starts ringing making both of us pull away. "I hate marimba.." Harry mumbles under his breath but I was still able to hear. I pick it up and see it was my dad. "Hi daddy..."
 I say in a high pitch voice. 
Harry moves hair away from my shoulder and starts kissing my neck. I nudge him in the ribs,but he acts like he doesn't feel anything and carries on. "Honey..are you even listening to me?" "What?" I say,I didn't even know he was talking. "I said your Mom and I are planning on taking another trip to Hawaii this year." Harry runs his hands lightly along my waist, I clear my throat as his tongue presses onto my skin. "Anyw-" My dad begins to say. "Stop that!" I said loudly,finally having enough of Harry kissing my neck and distracting me. "Stop what?" asks my dad. "Oh nothing..." I say hitting Harry hard on the chest. "Well its got to be something you can't just shout stop it..." he says not believing me. 
Harry sits up straight and smirks at me. "My lab top is frozen and it won't unfreeze." I say making something up. "Is that really the best thing you could think of?"Asks Harry. I put my hand over his mouth trying to make him be quiet. "Oh,well try turning it off then back on that should make it work." says my dad. "Ok.." I say as Harry moves my hand off of his mouth.  "Well..I've got to go sweetie..your Mom's yelling at me for something I'll talk to you soon." he says and hangs up. "You are such an arse!!" I say to Harry as I throw my phone down on the couch. 
"My lab tops frozen.." he says laughing. "Shut Up!!" I say as he pulls me on top of him. "Now where we're we?" he asks crashing his lips into mine.

20 Minutes later...

As Harry went to go make some popcorn for the movie we were about to watch, I see I received multiple texts from Niall. 
Please forgive me
I love you
Can we please talk?
I miss you
I don't want to lose you
Lexa please forgive me..
"I got the popcorn." says Harry sitting down on the couch next to me. I don't reply to Niall, I just set it down on the coffee table.
I reach for some popcorn but Harry moves it away. "Hey!" I say giving him a dirty look. "I didn't say you could have any." he says smirking at me. "Please?" I ask kissing his cheek and moving closer to him.   "Alright." he says tilting the bowl towards me. "I win!" I say sticking my tongue out at him. "What exactly are we watching?" He asks pointing to the screen. 
"The Outsiders.." I say as I shove popcorn in my mouth. I wrap my arms around Harry's neck and put my head on his chest. He kisses my forehead then turns back to the movie. I don't know whats happening between us but all I know is that I like it...

During the movie I was slowly falling asleep on Harry's chest when there was a knock at the door. I sit up and get off of him, fixing my hair as I walk to the door.
 I wanted to cry when I saw who it was. "Alexa I'm sorry please give me another chance, I love you and I don't want to lose you." Niall says practically getting down on his knees. Harry stands up, coming to my side. "Who said you could come in?" he asks crossing his arms. "Alexa, just give me another chance I'm begging you." 
"No Niall, you hurt Harry when you didn't have to! It wasn't your decision to keep him away from me!" I start to yell. 
"I was just trying to protect you!" he says yelling back. "You don't need to protect me from anyone, if Harry hadn't introduced us two years ago I would never of even met you!! And right now I'm wishing I never did!" I shout at him, throwing my hands in the air. Nialls face went totally blank. "Fff..ine I tried but when you come crawling back to me, which you will don't expect me to be there by your side." And with that he was gone..




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