I Found You

I have known Harry Styles my whole life. After the X- Factor One Direction goes on tour and then he finally comes back for a few months, bringing the boys along with him. One of his best mates asks me out and Harry does something very unexpected.


9. Getting Tired

"I'm starting to get tired." says Zayn yawning. I took my phone out of my pocket and looked at the time. It was 12:14. "I'll go get some blankets and pillows." I say going upstairs to the closet. I walk downstairs and throw everything on the floor. "Harry and Zayn you guys can unfold the couch and sleep on the pullout...and Liam and Torie you can sleep in the guest bedroom." I say putting my hand on my forehead trying to think. "Niall you can sleep in my room if you want." I say as I hand Zayn a blanket.  "Ok yeah that's fine." says Niall. "Where's Lou gonna sleep?" asks Liam. "He can sleep on the recliner I guess." I say. "I'll go tell Louis." says Harry voluteering. "Have fun." I mumble as he goes upstairs. Louis comes downstairs a couple minutes later, with Harry. His hair was sticking up in different directions and he looked really pissed off. He sits down on the couch that's farthest away from Torie. "I'm going to go change." I say getting up. I walk into my room and see the bed all messed up but that was it. I grab a tank top and my short shorts and close the door to change. I comb my hair and make sure it looks alright. I check my makeup to see its still on,I don't take it off that often. I walk down the stairs and stretch my arms. "Can I borrow a tank top?" asks Torie. "Um sure come on." I say motioning her to follow me upstairs. I look through my clothes until I find it. "Here." I say throwing them at her as she sits on my bed. A knock at the door makes me look up. "Um..everyone downstairs is going to bed so I thought I'd come up here." says Niall walking in my room. "Ok..night Torie." I say as she leaves the room. "Do you want me to sleep on the floor or....?" asks Niall unsure of what to do.   I realized that he had never slept in my room with me. "You can lay in bed with me it's fine. " I say moving the blankets back. "Just warning you I sleep shirtless." he says with a small smile on his face. "Um..ok I've seen Harry shirtless when he's stayed here so it's no big deal." I say taking my hair out of a ponytail. This was alot more awkward then when Harry slept over. "Are you ok?" he asks referring to the incident with Zak. "Not really..I can't believe that he came here." I say sitting down in the bed and looking at my nails. "He was such a dick to me..I broke up with him because he was trying to control me and I found out he was on drugs." I say as a tear runs down my cheek. "Hey Lexa it's ok." says Niall putting his arms around me. "Look at me." he says putting his hand under my chin. "It's no use crying over." he says. Niall moves closer and kisses my jaw as a tear falls down it. "Your so beautiful." he whispers into my ear. I look at him stunned.  I wipe my eyes and crawl into bed. Niall scoots away from the bed and takes his shirt off.  I sneak a look at him and turn to the side. He lays down and wraps his arms around my waist. "Night Lexa." he says kissing my cheek. "Night Nialler." I say closing my eyes. "I love you.." I hear him whisper very quietly. Maybe I was just imagining it. 


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