I Found You

I have known Harry Styles my whole life. After the X- Factor One Direction goes on tour and then he finally comes back for a few months, bringing the boys along with him. One of his best mates asks me out and Harry does something very unexpected.


15. Don't believe it

Harry's POV:
"Who do you choose Alexa? Me or Niall?"
 "I of course choose you Hazza!" she says putting her hand on the back of my neck and pulling me into a kiss. "I'll always choose you." she whispers softly still kissing me. 
~End Of Dream~

I lift my head from my pillow and rub my eyes. I take this as a sign that I still have a chance with Alexa and that I need to try and get her back...I'll never stop fighting no matter what it takes. 

Alexa's POV:
I can't believe that Harry went home...Louis said he was feeling tired so he decided he was going to get some sleep at his house. I had the urge to go over there and talk to him but Niall said it wasn't a good idea. I sit in the recliner in the living room alone thinking about Harry..that's all I could think about. "Lexa.." calls a voice from upstairs softly. "Yeah?" I say getting up out of the chair and walking towards the stairs. "Can you come here?" asks Zayn..I hear small sniffles after that. I run upstairs and go into the guest room. Zayn's sitting on the bed looking at his laptop. "Zaynie...What's wrong?" I ask sitting on the bed. "Why don't you look for yourself.." he says quietly and handing me his lab top. I scroll through all of the mentions on twitter and see everything they've said. 
<@Zayn Malik1D Your a terrorist and no one likes you go kill yourself.>
<@Zayn Malik1D Fuck you I hope u die.>
I slam it shut and sit on his lap. "Zayn you don't believe all of this do you?" I ask putting my hand on his face. "Yes..sometimes I do..and it's so painful to look at all of this stuff I'm sick of everyone calling me a fucking terrorist!!" he says looking down. "Zayn I know you..your an amazing person! And I wouldn't listen to any of this shit...just stop going on twitter for a while." I say making him look back up at me. "Then everyone will think I'm dead!!!!" he shouts at me. I scoot back scared of the way he yelled at me. "I'm sorry.." he says taking my hand and pulling me back. "Your only trying to help...." he says kissing my cheek. "It's ok.." I say as I study the wing tattoo that I can see slightly through his shirt. "When did you get that?" I ask poking his chest. "Oh that..about a month ago." he says shrugging. "You really know how to totally change the subject." he says chuckling. "Well I noticed it so I thought I'd ask..So don't judge me!" I say pushing him making him fall backwards. " Well...I'm gonna go to bed..I've had a long day..." I say giving him a smile and getting off of him.  "Night Love." he says grabbing my hand and squeezing it. "Night Zayn.." I say walking out.  "NiNi?" I call entering a pitch black dark room. My door closes and he slams me against the wall kissing my neck softly. "Well hello there!" I say very cheerfully. He groans and keeps kissing my neck. "We've only been dating for a day but I need you now." he says picking me and taking me to the bed. He removed his shirt and throws it across the room. I bite my lip as he gets on top of me. He nibbles at my ear lobe and then kisses my collarbone.  I moan and he looks up at me. "I already found your soft spot." he says grabbing the bottom of my shirt and pulling it over my head. His lips travel down my stomach and I feel his abs. He unclips my bra and I take off his jeans. I could feel his boner up against me. I lean in to kiss him and his tongue asks for entrance. "I love you." he mumbled against my lips. "Love you too." I say running my hands through his hair. 

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