21 days. that's all it took. 21 days to love you. 21 days to lose my heart. then 21 days to lose you. 21 days to mourn. 21 reasons I loved you. 21 years wasted. 21 weeks in. my heart revolves around the number 21. our relationhip was 21. now 21 months after it all happened, your back in my life. but you say you're only here for 21 days.


1. 21

21. the story of my life. the story of our love. the story of your death. to everyone else 21 is just a number. but to me it Is a sign. 21 symbolises hope, love and the cruelness that is death. even now, 21 months on from the fatal day that I lost you, I cannot see the number 21 without many painful memories entering my head. entering my mind. causing me to think back to the worst 21 days of my life.

its currently 21:21 my worst time. I left the house and walked down towards the local park. I cant bear to look at all the pictures of you. I've been told that I should move on, but I cant. I could never move on. you were me, I was you. nothing can ever break us up. you're still here with me, in my heart. I noticed a rose. it reminded me of you. I reached down to grab it and my hand wrapped around somebody elses. I stared into their eyes. they were the most beautiful green and for the first time I saw somebody whos eyes resembled those of yours. in the darkness I could make out curls. brown and perfect. he reached out and touched my face yet I didn't flinch or move away. something about him caused my entire body to shake. not in fear but in anticipation.

"k-k-kenzie" he stuttered in a deep voice I haven't heard in 21 months

"h-h-harry?" I asked and he nodded. I was in shock, it couldn't be you. I saw you leave.

"im sorry." he murmered and we slowly stood up.

"for what, for leaving me, for making me think you were gone, for..." he cut me off by placing his lips on mine. I felt the sensation that I had felt the very first time. "for making me love you"

"you wanna know why im here?" he asked and I nodded

"I want to know why its taken you so long"

"well the truth is, im not really here. not yet at least. its taken me 21 months but I finally made him change his mind. I was allowed back for 21 days. 21 days to finish what I started" he said and I felt my face drop. he was only here for 21 days

"and what did you start mr styles" I asked sassily. he smiled

"I believe that I started making the girl of my dreams happy." he said and I suddenly felt my smile turn into a look of pure sincerity.

"you need to see the boys, they haven't coped well without you"

"I know, I've seen" he said and started walking towards there house. I followed him. I was just in too much shock

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