Outcast (Marcel)

Marcel is the school nerd. Katie is the school 'it girl'. What happens when these two worlds collide.. And one of them has a secret nobody can know about...?


22. Chapter Twenty

I sat in the apartment alone, gazing up at the ceiling and studying it intently. I tear trickled down my cheek and I hastily wiped it away. This was all my fault. I was the one who caused Harry to be this way. I gulped, stopping in mid-thought for a moment.


 The promise. Tears stained my cheeks and my body shook with cries of heart break and loss. I had promised Harry to never cut again, but I had always been told by my father that promises were made to be broken. I guess one little cut wouldn't kill anyone, would it? Kill. The word echoed through my head and I suddenly began to feel sick. I was the reason behind his death. That is, if he's dead. He probably is, though. And it's all my fault.


I reluctantly pulled myself up off the carpet and trudged into the bathroom, bare-footed. I turned on the tap, letting it run for a moment before I washed my face. I looked up at the mirror, scowling. I attempted to smile, failing miserably and laughing softly at my reflection. How had my life come to this? Bullying him, being saved by him, kissing him, hugging him... Hurting him in more ways than one.


 My phone vibrated in my pocket, causing me to flinch. I grabbed it and pressed accept, pressing it against my ear.


 “Finally.” A voice gasped through the phone, a voice I knew too well.


 “What do you want, Edward?” I hissed.


 “It's about Harry.” He stated calmly and pausing as if he was waiting for my reaction. 


 “I thought I told you to stay away from him?” I frowned, running a hand through my hair. He sighed and continued to talk.


 “Do you want to hear about him, or not?” Edward snapped, “I went to the hospital and waited for his operation to be over.”


 “How is he?” I asked, my lip quivering.


 “The op was successful,” Edward said, causing me to sigh out of relief. “Urhm, but...” He paused, leaving me impatient.


 “What is it Edward? You can't just stop a sentence without finishing it!” I groaned, biting my lip out of anxiety.


 “I don't think you'd like to hear this next bit, Katie...” Edward mumbled, his voice barely audible.


 “I’m ready for anything.” I spoke confidently, immediately regretting what I had said once Edward's cries echoed throughout my apartment.


 “He-He...” Edward bawled, “He's in a coma, Katie.” I hung up quickly, tossing my phone at the wall and cracking it in the process. 


 “Why does this always happen to me?” I cry, my hands shaking as I reach out to grab the one thing I had hidden from Harry since we'd gotten here. I sat down on the floor, shivering from the coldness. I pressed the sharp metal against my wrist, dragging it across slowly. I made each cut deeper, bigger. I smiled to myself, frowning once I realised a had broken a promise. But this wasn't a 'simple' promise.


 It was the only promise I had tried to keep for Harry.





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