Outcast (Marcel)

Marcel is the school nerd. Katie is the school 'it girl'. What happens when these two worlds collide.. And one of them has a secret nobody can know about...?


10. Chapter Ten.

Harry's POV

"What was all that about?" I hissed at my brother.


"All what about?" He smirked pouring himself a cup of coffee.


"It isn't funny Edward! I really like this girl, she isn't just a one night stand, I think this could be really serious!" He pauses for a minute and takes it in, he studies my expression then replies with the most arrogant thing I could think of,


"I'm called Ed."


I storm around the room, much to his amusement, shouting at him, telling him what I really think of him, "Why can't you get a grip of your own life instead of ruining mine? Why can't you find your own place? Your own girlfriend? Why can't you be normal, have a family, a job, a house?"


"Oh, you're one to talk! I'm ruining your life? Think of all the lives you ruined! Lots of those aren't there, think of those before you tell me what to do, alright, little brother?" I stay quiet, I'm not really sure how to react, I'm so gobsmacked because it's all true, I hang my head and sulk out of the room muttering behind me,


"I hate you."


I collapse onto the bed beside Katie, I hold her close, never wanting to let go.


"What he said, it wasn't true. Nobody's going to hurt you Katie, nobody's going to take you away from me. I promise."


"What about dad? He'll come looking, he'll find us, what'll we do then?" She whimpers into my neck.


"He won't find us, we'll run away, to Spain where it's hot or France where we can eat snails and frogs legs!" I tease, tickling her playfully until we're both in heaps of laughter. "We'll drive away into the sunset and never look back! To hell with your dad, to hell with Edward, we don't need them, do we?"


"Of course not!" She agrees and the idea seems almost real, I can picture the two of us, roaming the world, seeing everything there is to see. Together.


 "Aw, love birds." Edward piped, peeking his head into the bedroom. I rolled my eyes, ignoring his statement.


 "Get out, Ed." I hissed harshly.


 "No, you can't tell me what to do." He snapped, his green eyes narrowing into thin slits at me. "And plus, I want to have a word with Katie."


 "No. You're not touching her." I growled, getting up off the bed and ushering him out the room. 


 "It's okay, Harry." Katie spoke up, getting up off the bed. "I'll talk with him. I'll see what he has to say."


 "Be careful, I know what he's like..." I warn her, quietly shutting the door once she went out of the room. 


 Katie's POV


 "Edward," I call out, immediately spotting the mop of curls on his head. 


 "Yeah?" He turned around, taking a sip from the cup in his hand. He raised an eyebrow at me, placing the cup down on the counter


 "You wanted to talk?" I said, the statement coming out like a question. He nodded his head, grabbing my hand which caused sparks to shoot up my arm. I  snatched my hand away, a small gasp escaping my lip. 


 "C'mon." He murmured, guiding me into his room. "Sit down," He ordered, motioning to the bed. I sat down, twiddling my thumbs together awkwardly.


 "So, what did you want to talk about?" I asked, looking at him. He smiled back, sitting next to me.

 "Harry likes you," Edward stated the obvious, causing me to roll my eyes. "But, I also like you too..." He trailed off, leaving me speechless.


 "I'm sorry but I can't say I love you back," I apologised, beginning to walk out the room. Edward pushed me against the wall, stopping me. 


 "You can't tell anyone." He began, pressing his lips to my neck. "What happens in this room, stays in this room. You do what ever I want, okay?" 


 "Okay." I breath shakily. He lifted me up, placing me down on the bed and crawling on top of me.


"Don't worry, you'll like this..."


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