Outcast (Marcel)

Marcel is the school nerd. Katie is the school 'it girl'. What happens when these two worlds collide.. And one of them has a secret nobody can know about...?


18. Chapter Sixteen.

I stood motionless, watching, watching, watching. My eyes wouldn't close. My legs wouldn't move. My mouth wouldn't shout. All I could do was watch. Watch as Edward kissed her neck, as he pinned her down every time she tried to struggle, as he whispered threats into her ear. A perfect tear rolled down her cheek as Edward lunged himself at her. She tried. She tried and tried and tried to get free but every time she did Edward would slap her. He'd hit her. He'd kiss her. He'd hurt her. Still I couldn't move, still I couldn't turn away, not even when Edward pulled out a perfect, sharpened knife and hurtled it into her chest. He pulled it out and ran, but all I could do was watch. Watch as her soul escaped her body, as her innocent blood came trickling from her wound, as her last breath was freed from her dying body and she lay lifeless on the bed. My Charlotte. He'd killed the most important thing in my world, only when I saw her face, I found that it wasn't Charlotte but Katie lying dead before me. Dead.


I woke up screaming. Sweat trickling down my forehead, my breathing fast and ridged. What did I just see?

"Harry? Harry, are you alright?" Katie gasped, throwing an arm around me, I clung onto her with all I had, I was not about to loose you. "What was it? A nightmare?" I nodded, still holding her tightly. "What happened?"

"It was Edward. H- he, never mind, i-it doesn't matter." I stammered but Katie looked confused.

"Are you sure you're alright?" She pursued. I nodded again and released my grip on her, "Alright then... Come on, get dressed. First day of school!" She beams, throwing my clothes at me.

I carry them into the bathroom, shower and dress then slump downstairs hoping that Edward will still be asleep. Apparently not. He and Katie are sat at the table, chatting and laughing and whispering private jokes that don't concern me. I stand still, my fists clenched into tight balls, expecting Edward to pull out a knife and kill Katie stone dead. Instead he waves me over to the table like we're best friends. Maybe we would be if he didn't kill my girlfriend.

"So.. what's so funny?" I ask nervously.

"Oh... nothing!" Katie says, barely containing her laughter.

"Yeah.. nothing." Edward agrees winking at Katie and they both collapse into fits of laughter. I stay silent, teeth gritted.

"Oh lighten up Harry! It's a joke! Seriously, it's nothing!" Assures Katie, giving my hand a friendly squeeze but I stay on the edge.

"I was wondering if Katie wanted to go to school on my bike, I could drop her off then come back, yeah?"

"Oh thanks Ed! That'd be great!" She squeals flinging her arms around Edward. "I'd love it, really, thanks!"

"You're welcome, babe, anytime." Says Edward, pulling her towards him and giving me an I-told-you-I'd-get-her look. At that moment I feel pure hatred for my brother. "Come on then, grab a helmet, wouldn't want to hurt your pretty little head, would we?"

"Ed, don't, you'll make me blush!" Katie giggled, rushing out the door.

"She's mine Harry. Mine. Just like Charlotte was. Remember what happened when you interfered  last time? I'm sure you do, so stay away Harry. I'm warning you." Edward hisses as he passes me, his eyes are cold and evil and I know he isn't kidding. I've lost and he's won, he's taken Katie away from me. Just as he did with Charlotte.


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