Outcast (Marcel)

Marcel is the school nerd. Katie is the school 'it girl'. What happens when these two worlds collide.. And one of them has a secret nobody can know about...?


19. Chapter Seventeen.

Katie's POV

I cling onto Ed's waist as the motorbike rockets through the busy streets of London, my hair flies out behind me and a laugh escapes my lips. Ed comes to a sudden halt outside McDonalds.

"Want some breakfast, babe?" He grins, taking my hand and I let out a ridiculous giggle.

"Sure, we won't be late for school will we?" I ask cautiously.

"Ha! School's boring, why bother? And I'm not enrolled anyway, don't see the point to be honest." He shrugs.

"Oh Ed, you should come, it'd be fun!"

"Fun?" He scoffs, "Nah, the only good thing there would be you! You're perfect, Katie, Harry's a lucky guy. Anybody would be lucky to have you, you're perfect. You love  him, he loves you, and you look great together. Like a fairy tale. Prince and princess you know."

"I don't know if Ii love him. He's fun and all, don't get me wrong but.. well, maybe there's somebody else." I say sipping my milkshake and staring ta the table so he doesn't see my blush.

"Who else?" He asks blatantly.

"I- I think you know.."

"I really don't. You should tell me, you really should." He smirks.

"I- I don't really know.." I stammer.

"Katie.." Ed whispers cupping my face in his hands, "I like you too." Then he leans in towards me, stopping any words that were ready to come out, butterflies erupt in my stomach  and my head mists over with pictures of Ed and I in the future. We break apart, smiles spread across our faces, I bite my lip at the thought of Harry, he'll be at school now worrying about me. And I'm here, kissing his brother and eating McDonalds.

"M-maybe we should get to school now.." I suggest.

"What? But we've only just come out, babe!"

"Yeah but.. We were supposed to be going to school.."

"Oh come on Katie, are you really scared of missing school? I thought you were cool, you know?" Ouch. That hurt. I just kissed him even though I'm dating his brother. I just had breakfast with him even though I had something to eat at home. I just put school aside so I could be with him. I took a ride even though I knew it would hurt Harry. Harry. Poor Harry.

"Yeah, well I'm not cool. Wanna take me to school now?" I snap.

"Just get on the bike. Now."

So I get on the bike reluctantly, holding onto the seat instead of Edward to show my anger at him. We whiz through the streets and I can see the school but Edward takes a right instead of a left, heading towards the park.

"Edward! Edward you took a wrong turn! Turn around!" I shout but he carries on picking up speed. We pass the park, we pass the tall, grand Victorian houses that line the streets, we pass the crumbly corner shop that is rumoured to be haunted, we pass all the places I know and more. So where are we going?

Eventually we arrive outside some abandoned apartment blocks. Edward jumps off but I stay on.

"Where the hell are we? I'm going to be late for school, Harry will be worrying! Edward what the hell is going--"

"Harry will be worrying? I'm sure he'd worry more if he knows that you let me in your pants! But you wont tell him, will you? Because that would upset him, wouldn't it? You're going to keep very, very quiet about all of this. Aren't you?" He hisses.

"Edward? What do you mean?" I asks, panicking, my stomach flips over and I back away from him slowly but he grabs my arm and pulls me close.

"This is what I mean.."

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