Outcast (Marcel)

Marcel is the school nerd. Katie is the school 'it girl'. What happens when these two worlds collide.. And one of them has a secret nobody can know about...?


11. Chapter Eleven.

My heart beat so fast I was afraid it would pop right out, I wasn't sure what to do, sweat trickled down my forehead as Edward buried himself in my neck. He kissed it gently, the same as Harry did, it was this gesture that brought me to my senses.


"Harry!" I cried, my voice hoarse with guilt and terror, "Harry, help!"


"Shut up!" Edward hissed jamming his fist into my windpipe, effectively cutting out my cries.


"Katie? Is everything OK?" Called Harry, warily.


"Everything's fine," Edward smirked, "Tell him that, now! Or I can do certain things that you'll live to regret, pretty little thing like you wants to live a very full life doesn't she?" I nodded quickly.


"It's okay Harry!" I lied but the image of Edward killing Harry's past girlfriend conjured up in my mind and terror flooded through my body.


"Now then, let's get to know each other?" He pressed his lips against mine, smiling at his success, I hate to say it but it felt remarkably similar to when Harry kissed me. At first I struggle, not wanting his dirty mouth near mine but eventually I sink into the kiss, our lips moving in sync. Suddenly, the buttons on my shirt are undone and his hands begin to explore, I try to wriggle free from his grasp, I pull away from the kiss and try to struggle free. The grin on his face portrays evil, I'm locked down onto the bed, his grip is far to strong for me to escape from.


"Harry!" I cry again and his face drops, his hand covers my moth but I bite it hard, sinking my teeth into his skin, "Harry! Help! Please!"


I can see the anger in his eyes, his hatred, his sins, he slaps me then. Hard across the face leaving me breathless, I reach for the stinging, burning patch on my cheek, gasping for breath as Harry barges through the door.


"Katie? Katie are you alright?" He see's his brother, fixed on top of me, me, clutching the searing handprint he left on my ashen face. "What the hell are you doing, Edward?!" He yells.


"Katie and I were just having some... fun." He sneers.


"Get.. off.. her!" Harry whispers through gritted teeth.


"Ha!" He scoffs, withdrawing himself from me, "She was no fun anyway, I don't know what you see in her. I'm going down to the pub, be back in an hour or so." He grins, waltzing out. Harry remains at the door, fist clenched, muscles tense. I hurry over to him and pull him into a warm embrace, he relaxes slightly and pulls me in, whispering soothing things into my ear. Abruptly, he pushes me back and holds me at arms length, his face suddenly serious.


"Come on, we have to go. Grab me some suitcases, quickly!" I stand, spellbound for a moment.


"Go where?" I gawp. Harry looks at me as if I'm some stupid child.


"Katie, don't you see, it's not safe anymore, not with him. Unless he can have you he'll...." I nod.


"So, where exactly are we going?" I ask, stupidly.


"I don't know. We'll catch a train somewhere. Then a ferry. Then a plane. Then a rocket. I don't know! Just anywhere away from him!" I don't argue anymore, I begin throwing some things in a suitcase, a few of Harry's clothes, a toothbrush, some blankets, some torches. Anything I find.


"I'll go and raid the fridge. And get some money. I have a debit card, it's got some money on, and I've got a safe over there, it has my passport and spare change in it, can you put that in here?" He asks, handing me a zip up plastic wallet. I stuff it all in, every single penny, Harry comes running upstairs.


"Right. Is your dad in at your place? You need clothes too. And money." He asks grabbing the backpack with all his money and necessities in, I shake my head.


"He'll be at the pub. Maybe he'll bump into Edward, give him a slap thinking he's you." I joke but neither of us laugh.


Half an hour later we're heading for the train station with 2 suitcases, 2 backpacks, one full of money and documents, the other food and water, £100 cash and two debit cards holding amount of money. There's an odd rush of excitement as we buy our tickets to London. I guess it's because I'm doing what I've wanted to do my whole life but never quite had the courage. Now I am. I'm running away from hell, from my abusive father, from the 'dramas' of school, from everything, and I'm doing it with Harry. I grasp his hand as the train plunges into action, running away from all the misery, away from all the  despair, and taking us into our new, exciting lives on the streets of London. Harry smiles at me and I return it without hesitation.


"Off we go," He laughs.


"Off we go..." I whisper back.



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