the girl that started a boy band war, 5SOS V.S 1D

What happens on tour, stays on tour. Until Summers on tour.


3. undeniable

"Sum?" Ashton reported a few times following me with a confused look on his face. I couldn't reply, choking on my tears I just pointed in the direction of luke as i resumed my walk off the bus. I heard the shouting from the bus as I began running, I just needed to get out to go. The thoughts going through my head were stopped momentarily as I bumped into a hard figure "oh, sorry love" the soft voice caught me off guard as I lifted my head up to be faced with Liam Payne. I still couldn't reply, "whoah" he said his eyes widening. "Are you okay love, here come to my bus" he carried on wrapping his large arm around me. I sniffled the sobs no longer coming out of my mouth i just felt kind of empty as he sat me down.

5 boys had sat around me for the past half an hour just trying to get something out of me, but pgetting nowhere. Suddenly three more voices chorused on the bus. As mike Calum and ash walked it. I looked up at them, my face blank. Ash grimaced clearly seeing the pain on my face as I caught eye contact with him. "Sum?" "Summer" "where'd you go?" "What happened" they all yelled at once. "Did you know?" I said not replying to any of their questions "what?" Cal said looking at the other two boys who seemingly looked more guilty than confused. "Know what?" He repeated again "that luke was cheating on me" I said blankly "what?" Calum started, "no he isn't" mike looked up at me "yeah he is"

The boys who had first been silent spoke up "ah so you're luke girlfriend" said the dark skinned one. I nodded before chuckling "was".

I know it's short, sorry loves x

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