the girl that started a boy band war, 5SOS V.S 1D

What happens on tour, stays on tour. Until Summers on tour.


1. LUKE.


I snuggled my petite shape into my childhood loves larger body, he wrapped his arms around me tightly kissing my forehead softly i smiled into his chest. We lay there for a while in a confy silence before i pulled myself and jumped in the shower luke not far behind me wrapping his arms around my waist kissing my jawline down to my shoulder making me shiver, he turned me around so i was facing him pressing his lips to mine as he roughly shoved me against the wall running his fingertips against my spinal cord before he grabbed my butt softly making me moan causing the smug prick to smirk into my kiss i could of made a snide comment, but why ruin a perfect moment. he slipped his hands down from my butt to my thighs squeezing slightly so i jumped wrapping my legs around him as he slipped into me fast - ''Chloee i now your sister turns everyone on but oh baby i have no doubt your the one i want'' i jumped off his waist going to get his phone for him. ''Fuck sake'' he groaned punching the wall he ran past me and declined the call i waggled my eyebrows at him as i walked into our bedroom. I'd been with luke 6 years. And last year we moved in together. luke left for tour today.. jesus i was going to miss him. But not for long, i'm going on tour too. Luke just isn't aware of that yet. I helped luke pack in silence before ashton walked in hugging me and nodding at luke. Ash arranged for me to surprise luke on tour. We walked out the door into the taxi.

''i love you! goodbye beautiful, i'll see you soon yeah?'' luke screamed before he boarded the plane ash winked and followed the other boys. Yeah you'll see me luke.. it about 24 hours baby.

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