the girl that started a boy band war, 5SOS V.S 1D

What happens on tour, stays on tour. Until Summers on tour.


4. Harry?

"Harrehhhhh" I smiled at the curly boys sleeping figure "wakey wakey baby" I carried on kissing the top off his nose he groaned in reply, "even zayn's awake before you haz" I said kissing his nose again. I pulled away and he wrapped his arms around me pulling me on his bunk so I straddled him "morning beautiful" he said in the most godly voice ever.

"Morning" I replied cuddling him "do I have to get up? We could just cuddled here all day" Harry said his eyes still closed "yeah you do, you're recording today love" I chuckled. He opened his eyes slowly grinning at me before sitting up slowly keeping his hands on my waist so I continued straddling him. "How are you today babe?" He asked his smile disappearing "better" I replied half smiling. I'd been staying with the one direction lads for around two weeks now, bed jumping with the 5 British lads. They decided to rotate who I would be sleeping with. Since none a girlfriend it wasn't an issue. Luke had been around a bit trying to talk to me but none of the lads would let him. My phone buzzed in my back pocket it was ashton. AshyPashyIsTheSwegKing: hey sum, you spending the day with me today yeah?

Me: sure sounds great babe, tell me when luke leaves yeah?x

AshyPashyTheSwegKing: he's leaving in 10 get a move on Xx

"Who is it love?" A voice asked "ash" I smiled. The English boy sighed "I can't believe you're still in contact with them" he repeated for the a hundredth time this week "they're my best friends it's not their fault" I replied getting off him and walking into the bathroom

"Morning sum!" The 3 boys chorused "hey lads, Luke's gone yeah?" I asked wearily "yeah he left" Calum smiled softly when I didn't reply, things had been hard. But I didn't want to see him, I couldn't face him! Her face was just in my head. I left the bus with ashton, his hands shoved deeply in the pockets of this black skinny jeans. "I'm sorry, you know that right?" We hadn't really spoken about him and Michael being aware of luke "can we not talk about it?" I sighed in reply "we have to babe" he said "go on then.. Explain"

Another short one I know. Sorry.

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