the girl that started a boy band war, 5SOS V.S 1D

What happens on tour, stays on tour. Until Summers on tour.


6. acacia clark

"I miss it all, I feel like he's the reason I'm missing it all" ash said slowly "I miss Aussie, I miss the way you'd both dance in your penguin onesies and Liz would take the Micky out of you. I miss the way you'd hide from my keeks and compare pony shirts with me. I miss the way you and mikey would dye your hair at the same time and calum would constantly complain of the smell each time but he always seemed to win the bets on which colour you'd both go. I miss the way you and luke would dance around the kitchen I miss the way he picked you up when you kissed because you're so small and he's so lankey. I miss your relationship. No that's wrong I just miss you." He carried on I looked at him as he drives not replying, because I knew his rant would carry on. "We just need you back on our bus sum.. We're not 5 sauce without you" he said looking at me before focusing his eyes back on the road "okay" I replied "no sum really come- wait what?!" Ash said furrowing his brows "I said yes just give me a week okay?" I carried on "sure okay" he smiled.


"We have now arrived at the mystery location" ashton said giggling I couldn't help but smile, that's the effect ashton has on you.. He makes you smile. It's like he's sunshine. "Maccas?? I laughed looking up at the grinning boy "duh" he replied dragging me inside.

After ordering food we sat down on green chairs by the windows. I tucked into my Big Mac meal shoving it in my mouth, I hadn't realised how hungry I really was until we arrived. My hunger quickly disappeared when I heard the voice I did not want to hear in my ear. "Summer, ashton" it spoke before ashton even realised who it was I lifted my head turning to face him. He looked almost the same. But tired worn out.. His hair was flat on his face and he had bags under his eyes like he hadn't slept in weeks. Too his left was a smirking blond girl. Who actually left me feeling really insecure. Her blond hair shone in the light, she had strangely perfect skin. She was sporting a snap back with a superman top that barely covered her perfectly flat stomach with shorts shorter than my little finger. "This is acacia" he said blankly "Urr. Sorry how rude of me!" I began "I'm summer Davis, a friend of Ashton's" I smiled "nice to meet you!" I finished off waving awkwardly.

She looked taken aback but she quickly composted her face into a fake smile like luke had done before her. "Well we best be off. Right ash?" I said standing up and taking his hand in mine "yeah sure babe" he said kissing my check quickly before we left I turned around to look at the couple who were standing in the same place I left them. Expressions the same "oh by the way, it was really lovely meeting you" I smiled before turning on my heel and wrapping myself around ashton for support.

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