It's 1926, and Hannelore Bauer is an English girl of German descent, who must battle through the prejudice and discrimination from the left over tensions of The Great War to fulfill her dream of becoming a dancer and moving to Paris.
This is a story of forbidden love, loss of the things that matter most, holding on to your dreams with a vice-like grip and overcoming everything to dance.


11. 11

Liebe Mutter und Vater,

I am riting this in English becos I think it will help me. I think I will need it. I hope that you are not woreed about me, plees do not worry. I am fine.

I have been told not to tell you wear I am, becos then sum one who is not you could find us. I will try to ecsplane.

A few weeks ago, a frend of mine was being hurt by an awful person, so I helped, and now I am court up in her situashun becos I saved her. I can not let this person down, and I am sorry that I can not come home becos an officer came for her, and I helped her get a way.

I had to help her get away.

I am so sorry. It is all I think about parents, I am so sorry, I am so sorry.

I wish I could rite as well as I can speek, becos then I would rite more, but I am glad that I can do this at all becos you, Vater, helped me to. You helped me to reed and rite and now at leest I can tell you that I am fine.

Thank you both for all you have done for me.

I am fine.

Love, Hannelore.

P.S Tell Sams I am sorry. Give him my bred if you can. Every day.

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