Letter to my brother -3-

poem about brother -


1. Letter to my brother -3-

My brother Ali,

I`m writing you

in the silence of 

the star night,

when the air around 

is so clear and bright -

while you`re in your

remote student house,

I`m safe in our home,

locked behind many  doors,  


Dressed in transparent 

white night gown, 

with light blue bundle 

around my breasts,

around my silky hair


I want to dream about you

this night -

Remembering your sweet

forbidden kiss, 

when you came 

so close to me once

when we were in fight,

You couldn`t stand

your anger pain and need,

then lost control, you took

me in your arms so tight,  


I can`t lie -never wanted

to escape from you, just pretend,

now the image in

on my memory like stamp,

how you kissed all my  face,

my cheeks and my neck .......

All your body hugged me all,

as if in dance,

my senses sank in fog

and dizzy I almost faint.  

In this late time,

I miss you,

think about you,

love you -

stamp my blood-red lips

on the envelope for you to kiss,

wishing you to study there well,

good night and sweet dreams!    




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