Letter to my brother -2-

just a poem -


1. Letter to my brother -2-

Sometimes I just want to hurt you,
without any reason 
with vision of your
blood, my brother Alif,

and even feel your pleasure,
mixed with pain, when 
I asked you many times
like in sad ridiculous refrain 
If I hurt you so much,
if I had another lover,
If I was so close to him,
would you still love me?

You`are so deep,
so in love, complicated soul,
much ready to give all 
to your vampire love,
You said just - Yes,
I can`t stand the pain 
to lose you, sister
or to leave me,
do what you like with
my heart, or better
kill me!

If you slept with him,
so tell me, how many
times he touched you...
feel how I`m bleeding.

"then you prefer your
pain than me leaving?"

"I`m just no one in the 
dust without you, honey,
please your mercy give me!"

Sometimes I just want to hurt you,
to feel your pain, to tear me up,
I want you shouting and lose control,
but I knew... you need me, love me,
like your blood - as you are


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