Crushed *Completed*

A girl named Payton is torn. She is dating Niall Horan but is slowly falling in love with Louis Tomlinson. Find out what happens with this problem on top of hundreds of other problems drama in this story, Crushed.


6. Never Ever Would We Work Out... Or Would We?

Never Ever Would We Work Out... Or Would We?

I sit next to Louis. Niall is gone. Zoe isn't here.

"So..." I say.

"Yeah..." Louis says.

"Do you think we could give it a shot?" Louis asks.

"No we'd never work out." I say.

"Why not?" Louis asks.

"Because you have Zoe and I have Niall."

"So, maybe Zoe and Niall can get together. I have admit... When ever I kiss Zoe.. I only think of you. When I sleep with Zoe... I only think of you."

"Wait you slept with a Christian?" Louis looks at me and nods.

"I'm that good."

"Well, I don't think it's the same for me..."


"Because I only think of Niall."

"Admit it,  you think of me. I know you." We grew closer.

"No." I say.

"Yes." He gets closer.

"Just kiss me." I whisper. I grab his head and pull him into a kiss. I slowly lower my hands from his head. I put them around Louis' waist. He lowers me and kisses me. He takes off his shirt. I stop him.

"I can't..." I whisper. Louis looks upset and puts his shirt back on. I bite my lip.

"I feel guilty..." I say.

"Don't." Louis says hugging me.

"I cheated... I should..."

"I cheated too. But I love you so it's okay." Louis says.

"You love me?"

"Yeah." I stand up and run out of the room. This can't be happening! Not to me! No no no!!

I can't be in love with Louis.

I can't not be as in love with Niall anymore. This has to be a dream...

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