Crushed *Completed*

A girl named Payton is torn. She is dating Niall Horan but is slowly falling in love with Louis Tomlinson. Find out what happens with this problem on top of hundreds of other problems drama in this story, Crushed.


14. My Wedding....

My Wedding....

I stand beside Niall as we start to say our vows. Niall pulls out a piece of paper and starts to say his vows.

"Payton, I love you more then life. The word love doesn't even express enough how much I love you and want to be with you forever. When I first saw you... I knew you were the one I would marry some day. I know ever since your last husband you didn't really want to get married again, but thank you so much for coming here to marry me." I smile as tears fill my eyes, "I love you." He says.

"Niall," I whisper. He tucks my hair behind my ear. I smile.

"Yes?" He asks.

"You love me more than anyone." He nods.


"You'd forgive me for anything I had done before now." I ask.

"Every last thing." He whispers. I pull out my paper with my vows on it, a sigh.

"Niall, I love you more than anyone... Even more than Louis." Niall looks confused,:Um, Well, Louis and I slept together, and all I want is for you to forgive me. I love you."

"You cheated?" Niall whispers.

I nod, "Yes..." He looks so broken, "I love you." I whisper.

He runs out.

"Niall!" I yell as I run after him. He gets into his car.

"Niall please don't go!" I yell as he starts the car, "I love you!" I yell, "Please don't leave I love you... Also your my ride." I yell. He starts to drive away. I start to run after him as tears fill my eyes.

Harry pulls me back, I struggle. Louis comes behind and wraps his hands around my waist and pulled me back. I turn around and I push him off.

"Just, stay away from me I whisper." I run off.

Louis' POV

I sit on the stairs outside the chapel. I stand up. I get into my car. I think I know where's she's at. I drive to a warehouse she told me about. She said whenever she was sad and her parents were fighting she'd go there.

I walk in and I see her sitting on the ground crying. I sit beside her as she cries into my shoulder. I run my fingers through her hair as she cries.

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