Crushed *Completed*

A girl named Payton is torn. She is dating Niall Horan but is slowly falling in love with Louis Tomlinson. Find out what happens with this problem on top of hundreds of other problems drama in this story, Crushed.


4. Messing With Your Head ;)

Messing With Your Head ;)

I see Niall. I run up to him and jump in his arms and start kissing him, I look up and see Louis.

Yeah I did this to mess with Louis, I don't have feelings for him, well kinda... But that doesn't mean anything. I know the best way to finish this up.

"Niall," Yes I do mean what I'm about to say, "I want to get married." Niall's face lights up.

"Um, no you don't!" Louis says.

"Why would you care anyways? Why aren't you happy for Niall and Payton?" Harry says giving Niall a high five.

"Yeah, why aren't you happy for us?" I ask.

"Um, can you give me a minute." Louis stands up and runs into the guest bedroom.

"Um, I'll check on him, I'm guessing it was just a rough day." I say. I walk into the guest bedroom.

"You okay?" I say sitting beside him.

"No." He looks at me, "I really like you, like a lot. I'm sure more then Niall." I bite my lip.

"Well, I don't feel the same." I whisper. He looks into my eyes, and kisses me. I push him off.

"No..." I stand up and walk to his door, "Just no." I open the door and walk out.

"He okay?" Zayn asks.

"He'll get better." I look back at the door.

"Can I talk to you alone?" Liam asks me.

"Yeah." He walks with me into mine and Niall's bedroom.

"Does," He clears his throat, "Louis have feeling for you?" I bite my lip.

"I don't know..." He puts his hand on my shoulder.

"Yes you do. You can tell me, I won't tell Niall. That might ruin One Direction." I push my hair back in stress.

"I said I don't know." I say stressed.

"Yes you do." Liam says. I sigh.

"I do not know okay?"

"Do you have feelings for him?" I stand up and walk out of the room slamming the door behind me. Liam walks out. He grabs my arm and spins me around.

"Do you?" I look at him.

"No." I pull my arm away from him and I walk to Niall and kiss his cheek. I listen to Harry talk about his ideas for the wedding. Zayn sits back fixing his hair. Louis walks out of the guest bedroom with a huge smile.

"Let's go to dinner! On me!" Everyone agrees, mainly Niall.

"Where?" I ask.

"At a nice British bar!" We walk out and go to the bar and eat chicken wings and drink beer. Louis didn't drink beer, neither did I. But the rest of them did. Louis looks around and spots a girl.

"Target located." He whispers. All the boys cheer. Louis walks up to her does his cute flirty charm. Soon they are making out. Soon all the boys are drunk but Louis. Louis walks up to me.

"Can I talk to you." Louis asks. I nod. He takes my hand but I pull away. He looks down at the engagement ring and sighs. We go into the girls bathroom.

"What are we doing in here." I ask. Louis looks at my left and and takes the ring off.

"What are you doing Payton?" I take the ring back from him and puts it back on my finger.

"I'm getting married." I whisper.

"You don't want that." He whispers.

"Yes I do."

"No you don't."

"Yes I do!" I yell.

"You don't. You don't want to say I do."

"Yes I d-" Louis kisses me. So much passion, such an aggressive kiss. He slides his hand up my shirt. I stop the kiss.

"How come you didn't kiss back. You wanted to. I know you do." I shake my head.

"No I don't I want to marry Niall! Deal with it!" I storm out of the bathroom. I open the door one last time, "Oh yeah a woman's restroom at a bar where I know you just did it with a girl at, not at all classy or romantic, that's what a girl wants."

"I won't give up until he kisses the bride. Actually not until the day I die." I shake my head and I leave. I grab Niall's hand.

"Let's go home. I'm driving." Niall get's up and walks out with me.

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