Daze (Harry Styles Fanfic)

Riley Cooper is just another normal 18 year old girl. Not popular, but not a nobody. When she's accepted into New York's biggest Modeling School, everything changes. And what happens when a certain bad boy with tattoos and an attitude enters her life?

Join RIley on the biggest journey of her life, as she experiences things she's never imagined.


2. Chapter 1

I sighed and breathed in the cool October air as I got out of my car in the school parking lot, looking to my left where I heard my best friend yelling for me.

"Riley! Riles, over here!" I chuckled and started walking towards Michelle and our friend Matt.

"Hey guys," I smiled as I walked up to them. "It's been a long weekend."

"What did you do?" Matt asked.

"The usual...hung out with my dog. Homework. Chores." I shrugged.

"Doesn't sound like a long weekend to me," Michelle said, laughing.

"Yeah, well it is when you're mom is pushing you to audition for a thousand different modeling schools." I sighed, brushing my hair behind my ears. My mom is one of those parents who has her kids whole life planned out. Not that I didn't want to be a model, but I wish my mom would let me just handle everything myself. I'm almost 18 after all. I didn't need her treating me like a baby.

"You know Riley, you're mom is just trying to help," Michelle said.

"I know. It's just frustrating and stressful. I'm trying to deal with it." I smiled and waved goodbye to my friends as the first bell rang. I hurried through the hallways to my locker and grabbed my books before heading to my first class, English.

The class passed in such a blur that I was rushing out the door before I knew it. Luckily, the rest of the day went by just as fast. It was 12:30 and I was currently heading to lunch when I bumped into the schools bad-ass, Damon. He was gorgeous, no doubt about that.

"Sorry," I murmured as I tried to step around him to meet up with my friends.

"Hey Ri," Damon smiled that heart stopping smile at me. "Don't worry about it."

I quickly smiled and briskly walked towards my usual lunch table. I guess you could say Damon had a soft spot for me, ever since that time in 6th grade when he saved me from falling and busting my head open on the school playground. I was grateful. But we never really talked after that. Damon has his reputation to keep up, and I have mine. Not that I have much of a reputation.

I said hello to my friends and went to grab my lunch before sitting down at our table. Besides Michelle, Matt, and I, we were also joined by Jordan, Kelly, and Ben. Jordan is captain of the cheer-leading team but was surprisingly one of the nicest people in school. Kelly is part of the dance team and Ben is just a regular, but sweet, jock. Kelly and Ben have been dating since about 8th grade. I don't know how they've managed it.

"Hey guys," I said, sitting down with my lunch tray and immediately digging into the food. What can I say, I love food! My friends said hello back and then focused back on their conversations with each other. I never talked when I was eating, and they knew that. Don't mess with me when I'm eating my food!

"I don't know how you manage to keep up with that figure of yours Riley, I mean look at what you're eating!" Matt exclaimed, laughing.

I just smiled, chewing my macaroni and cheese. It was extra cheesy.

But nobody knew. Nobody understood how I did it. How I kept my figure.

And no one ever would. I won't bring that worry onto someone else. I deal with my issues by myself.

Nobody can help me.


A/N: Hey guys! So this is really short but that's because I'm writing this at 2:25am and I'm so tired! I'm really slow at updating right now because I have a lot of family stuff going on. But hopefully the next chapter will be up very soon! Thank you so much for reading and please vote/comment/share with anyone you can! Help me get the word out about this story :)

The first couple of chapters might be boring but it's necessary so you guys can get to know my characters. Also, I don't plan anything in this story. Whatever happens is whatever comes to my mind as I'm writing. I just can't sit down and write a plot...so yeah LOL.

Hope you enjoy my storyyyy :)

-Randi xo


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