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Everyone has been hurt, but we all find love at one point. But this girl doesn't know if her emotional wounds will ever be healed. Here's the story of Holly, and how a guy who just stumbled into her life, fixes everything.

And btw this story isn't like a normal ass girl end up who ends up dating someone from one direction and gets married and all that other crap. i made this story have problems and situations that people can actually relate to and stuff that i actually been though.
i really hope you like it! ~ tnotswizzle

if you want someone to talk to: tnotswizzle@gmail.com


2. Chapter 2

I lock myself in my room and get changed into a free t-shirt and black soffe shorts.

I lay down on my bed still trying to calm myself when my phone buzzes across the room. I walk over to it and i get a group text from my absolute best friend  Hailie: "Hey this weekend do you guys all want to go to Applebees or something? I'm free this Saturday after practice which is around seven so we can go then. Let me know if you can come!". She sent it to me, Jillian, Megan, and Liam. And there were some other numbers that i didn't recognize, i was guessing it was some of Liam's friends that i didn't know. 

My mom is going to get treatment done this week at a hospital that is out of state. She has some type of cancer that is in her liver, so she is going to a hospital that specializes in that. Therefore, shes taking our car and i don't have a ride.

I replied " I'd love to go but i don't have a ride ): Can anyone pick me up?"

Hailie: Sorry im going straight from practice :(

Megan: Holly i can pick you up but im also taking Liam and his friend Niall if that's okay :)?

Me: That's fine! Thanks so much! (: 

Megan: np :) see ya tomorrow

i plug my phone into the charger and start brushing out my hair. I french braided it and went into my moms room to say goodnight to her. 

"Drive safely okay? Let me know when you get to the hospital" i said sitting on her bed.

"Don't worry Holly, i'll be fine" she said walking out of the bathroom and sitting down next to me.

"I'll be back in a week. And i would really appreciate it if i didn't come back to the house being a disaster". 

"It wont, i promise" i said holding out my pinky. 

She crossed hers with mine and i went off to bed.


"Shit Shit Shit Shit!" i said running into the bathroom realizing i overslept. I took my hair out of the braid so my hair would be all wavy and threw some mascara and eyeliner to my eyes. I was wearing a pair of high-waist shorts with a gray muscle tank and a black bandeau. 

I ran downstairs to put my converse on and grab my backpack. I had two minutes before the bus came so i took a granola bar from the kitchen and walked down the street to my bus stop.

It was June and the second to last Friday of the school year, next week is when we took all of our finals. Next September i'll be a junior and actually be able to drive myself to school. 

The bus ride was boring and long as usual. But there was an unusual amount of traffic heading to the school. 

Once we got into the school parking lot there was firetrucks, ambulances and police cars all crowding the front entrance of my school. They wouldn't let us off the bus until everything cleared up.

After a good 15 minutes or so, they let us in and i went to the normal spot where me and my friends meet before homeroom.

"What the hell happened?!?" i asked my friend Jillian as i walked over to her.

"Okay so you know Liam's friend Harry? He and a few other juniors pulled the fire alarms as a prank on the last day of classes" She said her gossip-telling tone.

"That's insane, how much trouble are they in?"

"I couldn't even imagine bu-" Jill stopped mid-sentence as we both turn our attention the crying Megan coming our way. 

"Holy shit Megan, whats wrong?" i said as we ran over to her. 

"Liam is suspended"  



*those who read*: thanks for reading but im getting my computer repaired so i dont know when the next time i will be able to update. THANKS FOR THE SUPPORT THOUGH (: ~tnotswizzle

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