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Everyone has been hurt, but we all find love at one point. But this girl doesn't know if her emotional wounds will ever be healed. Here's the story of Holly, and how a guy who just stumbled into her life, fixes everything.

And btw this story isn't like a normal ass girl end up who ends up dating someone from one direction and gets married and all that other crap. i made this story have problems and situations that people can actually relate to and stuff that i actually been though.
i really hope you like it! ~ tnotswizzle

if you want someone to talk to: tnotswizzle@gmail.com


1. Chapter 1

I gathered my towels and headed for the bathroom that was located in my mom's room. There is one that it closer to my room but the shower doesn't work and mom forgets to have someone fix it. 

As i entered she was on her bed watching the news when she saw me "Hey, don't take too long okay? i wanna just fix my hair before i leave tonight." my mother told me as i walked in and turned the water on. 

She is a hairdresser, constantly fixing her hair was a normal thing.  

"don't worry, 15 minutes tops." i said in a tired voice before i closed and locked the door. 

i really don't like locking the door, but im just too afraid someone is going to come in or  my sister is gunna sneak up on me or something. My mom hates when i do it because she's afraid if i slip and cant get up, she wont be able to get to me.

Half the time i go to take a shower,  i don't need to take one. Most of the time i just go in there to cry. Its my only way i can without letting my mother or anyone else know that i am. The sound of the shower along with sound of the ceiling vent blocks out everything so no one can hear me. And when i come out of the bathroom with my eyes really red and puffy, i just tell her i got shampoo in my eye.

Not many things or people make me cry. So when i do cry over someone, they probably mean alot to me. I don't cry at movies or books or mishaps you see in the news where people got killed or anything like that. i mostly cry about my life and myself, which is really frustrating. I hate doing it because my life is not even bad or troubling, its honestly just going nowhere where i want it too. And that is what upsets me. 

I undress myself and throw my clothes on the floor of my mothers really small bathroom. I quietly take the scale out of the bottom draw under that's under the sink. i take a deep breath and step on. After three seconds i look down in disappointment. 

i just stare at the number for a while until i realized i didn't have a lot time to ball my eyes out. 
im not fat its just im not skinny like my friends. Im about 5 feet 9 inches and "normal weight" as in weight that is okay for my body mass. I just wish i was 20 pounds skinnier, then maybe i wont be the heaviest one out of my friends.

i just add it to my list of things i hate about my life and hop into the shower. I just starting thinking about everything i want and want to get rid of. Like how i want to be skinnier, and i want the stretch marks on the sides of my thighs to disappear, and how i wish my face was thinner, and actually have a boy friend. 

I think that one really hits hard, i don't have anyone besides my friends and family who loves me unconditionally. Most of my friends have or had a boyfriend at some point and time except of me. And whats sadder is that im entering 11th grade. 

A really close friend of mine, Megan, is actually going out with one of the hottest juniors in our school: Liam Payne. He's really nice but none of us know him that well, he's kinda shy. But they are really cute together and that's something i always wanted. 

then my mind goes trailing off onto other things that are too wrong  with me to ever have a boyfriend. i just get so caught up in all my flaws i just start breaking down and crying. i cant tell the difference between my tears and the hot water hitting my face. This goes on for a few more minutes before my mom bangs on the door telling me to hurry up. 

i quickly run some conditioner though my hair, rinse it out, and turn the water off. i twisted my hair so some excess water would come out before i threw it up in a towel. I wrapped one around my body and pick up my dirty clothes from the floor. 

i put my hand on the doorknob and took a deep breath before exiting. I opened the door to my mother waiting for me about 3 feet away. She looked at me and said "Holly, you really need to stop getting shampoo in your eyes."



i know this is really boring right now but the story is just warming up trust me! if you hate it or have suggestions either write a comment or tell me here: tnotswizzle@gmail.com 

Thanks for reading ill deff do more if  yall like it (:   ~Tay

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