Undeniable Destiny

Rebecca Long is an 18 year old dancer forced to move after she found her fiance had cheated on her. She moves to London and is forced to make new friends. She didn't know that an unexpected friend would introduce her to Harry, the man who changed her life forever.

1. Moved.

“Excuse you” the stuck up looking woman who plowed into me rudely stated as I was grabbing my coffee. Uhm okay? I’m Rebecca Long but everyone calls me Becca, I just moved to Kingston right outside of London and right now I’m on my way to my first meeting with my new boss. I’ve danced for a company in America for about 3 years before I moved here and starting over wasn’t going to be easy. I knew nobody, well except for the creepy old man who lived across the corridor from me who would invite himself over about 3 times a week. Creepy. I didn’t move to London for the same reason as most dancers do, to get famously known internationally, make more money etc. I was forced to move after my former fiancé Holden Pelop was found cheating on me with my boss’s wife, and my boss. It was just so uncomfortable after that and no matter where I went it seemed he would always find me. So I decided to pack my bags and move here. Starting my career over wouldn’t be easy but thankfully DancersPro a company in the greater London area contacted me immediately.

I was nervous as I sat in the totally posh white and black waiting area to be called into my new boss’s office. The insanely beautiful assistant kept staring at me, did I have something on my face? Why was she staring at me? Her bright blue eyes where piercing. “Rebecca  Long?” She asked. “That’s me!” “She's ready for you, Third door on your left!” I got up from the unbelievably uncomfortable chair I’d been resting in for the last 30 minutes and walked down the hall. “One, two, three..” I counted softly, I wasn’t very good with direction. I found the door and knocked there was no answer so I slowly started to open the door. When whoever was inside realized I was opening the door they were immediately there to shut it right back on my face, and yell “GO AWAY” in a deep angry sounding voice. How strange? “Third door on the LEFT sweetie.” The assistant obviously noticed what had happened and I laughed at my air headedness and opened the door on the opposite side of the hallway. I walked in to see my new boss, a girl, thank goodness. “Hi, I’m Rebecca Long, but I normally go by Becca!” I said to my new boss. “Hello Rebecca! I’m Margret Holloway!” she said enthusiastically, “We’ve been really looking forward to you joining our company! Tell me about yourself and I think I can find loads of jobs for you!”. I told her about my dance experience even though it wasn’t extensive like most dancers my age, I’m 18 and I’ve only been dancing since I was 13, most company’s look for dancers who’ve been doing it since birth. When I was 11 my parents put me up for adoption, it sounds weird but I guess after 11 years they got tired of me. Luckily my aunt took me in and raised me like I was her own daughter. Even though I lived with my aunt I never heard from my parents, it’s like they completely disappeared. My aunt was a dance teacher at a school where we lived in Atlanta and she’d always take me with her to her classes to sit and watch. I never wanted to actually dance because all the girls my aunt taught had been dancing for years and we’re skinny and perfect, they’d always make fun of me for not dancing when my aunt wasn’t watching. One day I got so fed up with getting bullied that I got up and danced with them. I swear all their jaws dropped, and from then on I was never afraid to dance, I was always dancing. By the time I was 16 I was teaching the girls who once bullied me. Anyway, I told Margret about how I taught and danced with my aunt back home and she seemed really interested in the fact that I haven’t been dancing long. After about 15 minutes of me staring at the wall and knick knacks on Margret’s desk and listening to her typing away at her computer she finally said “ I think we have a few different options for you.” She started scribbling on a piece of paper. Then the office door opened and I heard someone screaming angrily as the office assistant, who I’m guessing is Allison from the name the screaming voice was yelling, whispered in Margret’s ear she quickly finished writing on the note and handed it to me I stuck it in my purse and made a mental reminder to read it later. She told me to review the names and contacts she gave me and get back to her within the next few days. She then stormed out of the office and in to the mysterious room across the hall I almost opened. I quickly walked out her office and out the door but as I turned the corner out to the hallway I saw a guy out of the corner of my eye he was tallish with long shaggy light brown hair and blue eyes and was he pulling his pants up? Damn. I wondered what was going on behind that third door on the right but I’m glad I wasn’t the one to walk in. I walked down the street to the nearest grocery store to pick up some stuff for my apartment and while I was waiting in the line I decided to call my aunt.  I dialed her number and she answered instantly, hearing her voice made my eyes watery, I missed her so much. “ Hey sweetie! How’s London going?” she asked “Good I still haven’t met anybody yet, except for Margret my new boss”, “Well Becca  you can’t expect people to come knocking on the door of your flat wanting to be friends with you.” “I guess you’re right Aunt Olivia” I said. After a few seconds of silence she replied “why don’t you go out tonight try to meet some new people?” She suggested, “I guess it won’t hurt” then I noticed it was my turn to check out and I always thought people who talked on the phone while checking out were rude so I told my aunt I loved her and continued to check out at the store. On my ride home I decided to take a detour to see if I could find a pub or a club I could check out tonight. Nothing too big and flashy I would just feel out of place. As I was staring up at signs on the building one of them caught my eye it was simply called “the pub” I decided after I got everything home to come back out tonight to try to meet some new people. I pulled up to my flat and got my groceries inside, the old man across the hall offered to help but I told him I was fine but he insisted obviously noticing I was struggling to carry 5 bags in my hands while opening my door. He helped bring my bags inside and place them on the counter. But instead of being the normally creepy old man he told me that his granddaughter would be coming to visit tonight and that I should think about coming by to meet her. I agreed knowing it would be easier to go out in a pair and meet people instead of by myself. He told me she’d be here around 8. Good that gives me 2 hours to get ready. I told him I’d stop by to get her around 8:15. He left and I continued to put my groceries away.  I decided now would be a good time to take a look at the names Margret had given me earlier it had typical gigs like live shows, small singers concerts, but one caught my eye a music video! I quickly circled that one and put it on my refrigerator door reminding myself to call Margret the next morning. I then showered and got ready to go out. Since I didn’t know exactly what kind of pub we were going to I decided to play it safe and go for a more casual look so I threw on some coral colored skinny jeans, a tribal tank, and my favorite black toms with a large white bag, so I wouldn’t lose it. I applied some foundation to cover up the bags under my eyes and some mascara and let my dark brown hair fall loosely around my shoulders. Luckily my hair had natural waves so I never had to do much with it. The darkness of my skin made my light brown eyes look like they belonged in someone else’s body. I never liked the way I looked, I thought I was lanky and odd looking with my straight edged skinny nose, high cheekbones and rounded face. I looked exactly like my grandmother did as a teenager, she grew up on an Indian reservation in the states, yes Indian I don’t say Native American I figured as one I have the right to be politically incorrect. My thoughts where interrupted by the alarm I had set on my phone to remind me to go across the hall to the old man’s flat. I grabbed my bag, my keys and threw on some lip gloss to add a finishing touch and ran out the door. I knocked on the door then heard footsteps. When she opened the door I thought someone had to be playing a prank on me. This mans granddaughter was no other than Danielle Peazer. I’d seen her preform but never knew she was this beautiful! She’d danced on X-factor a few years ago and her career had taken off.  I couldn’t believe I’d be going out with her tonight! It made me feel better about getting around London though because most everybody knew about her. This was going to be an interesting night. 

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