Abused and Left to Die-complete

"Honey get down here now!" "Yes daddy" "Im out of beers u fucking asshole!" "Come here BITCH!" "Ok daddy" " Make daddy happy pumpkin" "How" take off your clothes for me " "Dad!" " Do it now" ok and thats how it started after a simple rape but will one blonde irish guy save me?


2. Introduction

 Hi my name is Ismerelda Rae Sherwood im 19 and have wavy brown hair and blue eyes. I'm 5'9 and bullied. My mom died and my dad is in jail for raping me .I'm British and have an accent ,I'm thin and I am rich but I'm not selfish. I love 1D but my fav is Niall i just love that he is Irish cause my mom is too.


Hi my name is Chloe Elizabeth Steele I'm 18 and have curly blonde hair to my shoulders. I have hazel eyes and braces. I'm 5'7 and am bullied. I now live with my aunt in London because my mom died in a fire when i was 4 and my dad died from cancer last year. I'm from Ireland and love 1D. My absolute fav is Harry i just love the curls and dimples. I'm fat but people call me beautiful. Ilm bullied Verbally and physically.


Hi my name is Macy Alice Neal I'm 19 and have auburn hair to my mid back. I have Blue eyes and just got my braces off. I'm 5'9 and am Scottish. I am bullied and live in London in a foster home. My mom and dad are divorced my dad is in the Army and my mom died in a shooting in a theatre. I love 1D especially Zayn we both have dark olive skin and he is so cute.I'm bullied at school for me being Scottish. 


Hi my name is Millie Catherine Abercrombie I'm from Ireland but moved to London because my mom got a job there. I am 19 and have short brown hair and brown eyes. I live in a foster home since my mom died in a robbing and my dad is in jail for DUI. I'm bullied at school for me being an unwanted child. I love 1D my favorite is Louis i just love how cute and funny he is.


Hi my name is AnneBelle Ivy Taylor. I'm from the U.S. and moved to London to live with my God parents since my mom and dad aren't ready for a child.My god parents moved so they can supply the best for me. I'm 18 and am 5'10. I have dirty blonde straight hair with grey eyes. I'm bullied because they think my mom and dad didn't want me, i would not be supprised if they didn't I'm ugly and fat. I love1D but my favorite Liam because he won't be late and keeps up with every thing.

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