Abused and Left to Die-complete

"Honey get down here now!" "Yes daddy" "Im out of beers u fucking asshole!" "Come here BITCH!" "Ok daddy" " Make daddy happy pumpkin" "How" take off your clothes for me " "Dad!" " Do it now" ok and thats how it started after a simple rape but will one blonde irish guy save me?


6. DAD!

Izzy's Pov.

"DAD!" "yes honey?" "what are you doing here" "oh nothing just taking back whats mine and ill kill any one to get in the way" "no" he shoots the door and drops the gun i run to it and pick it up and shoot his shoulder. "Izzy are you ok?" i hear from the other side of the door.Niall. i open the door and run to him and start crying in his shirt. "Shush it's ok, Liam call 911." ok I'll call Brett and Drew also." Liam says. "Who is Brett and Drew?" "Drew is my brother and Brett is Zayn's cousin " says Niall. "oh". Liam calls everyone and we rush to the hospital I can tell Millie likes Brett and Annie likes Drew they would be so adorable while Liam is flirting with a girl that has long light brown hair and Louis is flirting with someone with dark brown hair. They are pretty and look my age. "Hello is anyone here for Mr. William Christopher Sherwood?" "Yes all of us are except them two but they may come." "Ok i can only allow 3 people." "ok me, Chloe, and Niall." "ok he is in room B51 down the hall then take a left and a door down." "ok thank you Mrs." "Mrs. Claire Santiago and this is Mr. Brad Reagan he is performing surgery." "Surgery?" "yes it is only because he broke his collar bone." "ok" We walk in the room and I talk to Mr.Reagan he grips my arm and smirks at me. "what are you doing?" "What does it look like" he says while taking off his clothes and pushing me into a wall in the closet. "NIALL ,CHLOE HELP!" SHUT UP" He didn't lock the closet so Niall busts in and grabs me i get a doctor and lock the closet. He gets fired and we head to my dads room. His monitor beeps really fast and goes flat doctors rush in and say HE'S DEAD. I nod and start crying but not sobbing because well he took my virginity duh. We head home with everyone even the girls I learned their names were Savannah and Hannah. Hannah is the funny and crazy one and Savannah is the shy one till you know her than she is loud and she LOVES gummy bears. 

1 week later 

Me and Niall are dating, Annie is dating Drew, Millie is dating Brett, Chloe is dating Harry, Macy is dating Zayn, Hannah is dating Louis, and Savannah is dating Liam. We all get dressed to go to a club. Im wearing a strapless baby blue dress with white heels, Annie is wearing a spaghetti strapped ruby red dress withe black lace over it and black shoes, Macy is wearing a Neon yellow tight dress with pink jewels over it and yellow heels, Millie is wearing tight jeans a cream shirt and cream heels, Chloe is wearing a knee length tight pink dress with a black clutch and black heels, Hannah is wearing a light green dress with ruffles at the bottom and white heels, and Savannah is wearing a lavender strapless dress with a tight top and black heels. We go to the club called City of London Club. We go in and get drinks since we are all 18 now. We get drunk and go to the dance floor i grind against Niall. We go into a room and start a heated make out session he kisses my neck and finds my sweet spot I pull off his shirt as he does my dress we are now in our undergarments as he pushes me against the wall i grind against him. He kisses me and asks for entrance. I wrap my legs around him and moan as we get closer well if thats possible he slides off my bra and underwear as i grab his bulge making him moan he takes his boxers off and i kiss his chest and abs. I go to the bottom and suck on it. I pull away as he gets hard i smirk as he enters me we become hard and cum he does it all the way to his max. We pull away breathless. I put on my clothes as he does his we walk downstairs as i see Zayn and Macy making out in a booth as he squeezes her bum and wraps her leg around his waist I go over to them and say " Get a room" they go in the room we were just in and you know the rest.

6 months later

Me, Savannah ,Hannah, and Chloe are all pregnant. Millie, Macy and Annie are 1 month pregnant since they wanted to start a family. Me, Chloe, and Hannah are engaged and i heard Liam is going to ask Savannah soon. 


in the next chapter i will tell the names and gender BYE MY Little Leprechauns!!!!!

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