Abused and Left to Die-complete

"Honey get down here now!" "Yes daddy" "Im out of beers u fucking asshole!" "Come here BITCH!" "Ok daddy" " Make daddy happy pumpkin" "How" take off your clothes for me " "Dad!" " Do it now" ok and thats how it started after a simple rape but will one blonde irish guy save me?


8. Close call

Niall's Pov.

I walked to the window and saw her dad with a knife I called security and watched what he did he was about to cut her stomach but the guards rushed in and took him away " You are next" was all I heard before they took him away. "Izzy sweet heart are u ok?" "Yeah that was a close call." I stayed in the room with Chloe for 15 maybe 20 minutes till her water broke and that was an hour ago. So I'm really excit "NIALL CALL THE DOCTOR IT'S COMING!" I ran out and called the doctor. Dr.Paisley rushes in and delivers my three bundles of joy. Yes three. We have 2 girls and a boy. 

1 week later

We are going home today and I'm so excited we redid the rooms so we haves dance one a cheer and a futball(soccer ) one. The girls are named Stephanie Anne and Lexie Rose and the boy is named James William.

Savannahs Pov.

Izzy,me, Chloe, and Hannah already had our little bundles of joy. I hada girl named AnneBell Lily and boy named Taylor James. Hannah's is a boy named Justin Drew and Chloe's is a girl named Darcy RoseMary.

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