Abused and Left to Die-complete

"Honey get down here now!" "Yes daddy" "Im out of beers u fucking asshole!" "Come here BITCH!" "Ok daddy" " Make daddy happy pumpkin" "How" take off your clothes for me " "Dad!" " Do it now" ok and thats how it started after a simple rape but will one blonde irish guy save me?


3. Bullied and ..........

Ismerelda's Pov.


i wake up and get ready for hell aka school. I get in my shower and put on a creame top dark jeans and boots on. I curl my hair and put a bobby pin in it. I get Bella and drop her off at my friends Chloe and her Aunts house. "CHLOE ELIZABETH STEELE!!" "Coming" I drop Bella off and drive to school. I'm bullied so i hear people yell "slut" "fat" Ugly and more. i see my bully Derek and dash off to the girls room and hear someone crying "are you ok" "yeah" you could hear she was crying. She came out in a grey sweater with a pink top under it with I LOVE 1D! and dark wash jeans and flats with her hair in a messy pony tail. "What happened?" " People call me fat and they messed up my hair and told everyone my crush." "Who" Derek.....Derek Sanchez" "oh you too." "yeah.. my name is Macy...Macy Neal this is Millie Abercrombie and AnneBelle Taylor." she said pointing to a girl with short brown hair and one with dirty blonde hair. "Oh nice to meet you my name is Ismerelda.........Ismerelda Sherwood and this is Chloe Steele. We are bullied by Derek too are u all?""Yeah" Millie was wearing her hair in a messy bun with a tight sheer green shirt and white khakis with white tennis shoes while AnneBelle was wearing a baggy neon pink shirt that said " Hiya" in Black with a neon pink bow in her hair with black lace on it and white shorts and Neon pink flats with a black shiny bow on it. We exchange numbers and head to my house to have a sleep over since we are graduating tomorrow( SORRY  SKIPPED SCHOOL) I drive them their house and find they live in a foster house but they say they are able to live somewhere else they just don't have money. I then say "You can all live at my house I'm rich and can afford a penthouse so we all have our own rooms." "SURE". We sign papers and i go to Chloe house to ask if she can live with us but still take care of Bella. She said Yes and jumped up and down. I picked up Bella and they all got in my car with their clothes and everything they need. We went home and stripped down everything i worked in my studio with Chloe AnneBelle worked in Bella's room and Macy and Millie worked in my room. We got everything and put the furniture in the moving truck. We picked a house and picked rooms we put my bed in the corner facing the opposite wall where i put my tv. I put down my carpet and put everything away. My room was Purple, Chloe's was Pink, AnneBelle's was Neon Blue, Macy was Teal and Millie was Green. Chloe had a Black carpet with a C in it her bed was white with a floral print on it and her furniture was white. AnneBelle had a Grey carpet by her Chocolate bed with a black and blue cover on it with dark furniture and 1D posters on her wall but mostly Liam i admit i am a directioneer but i like Niall he is so CAYUTT. Macy had a black bed with a white and teal chevron print on it with and M and a Black and white carpet.MIllie had a light brown bed with a green and grey polka dot cover on it and a grey carpet and since the house was so big i had enough to put in Bella's room and a studio and have 5 more guest rooms. We also had Dixie Chloe's dog that was a Chihuahua and Duke Macy's dog we looked at the clock and it read 8:00.  "NIGHT GIRLS!" "NIGHT" we all went to bed. 

Chloe's Pov.

Ughh why do i have to wake..... BACON. I put on a white miniskirt black leggings combat boots a white t shirt with a camouflage  jacket on and see everyone cooking some thing. I see AnneBelle cooking bacon, Macy cooking pie, Millie cooking waffles, and Izzy cooking cupcakes. "Why are making sweets" "We are gonna see the neighbors ok?" "ok" i start cooking us some toast and spread Maya jelly on it.(SORRY if u DONT KNOW WHAT it is its really sweet.) We all get dressed and i see Annie in a strapless pink dress with a leather white jacket and white flats on with a fishtail braid, Izzy in a baggy blue shirt with i luv Niall on it with white jeans and blue flip flops and a bun, Millie wearing a red summer dress with spaghetti straps and heels, and Macy wearing a black shirt with neon pink quote saying i refuse to sink with a white infinity simble at the bottom and an anchor with white skinny jeans and flats. We knock on the door and see......................................

AN hey my little leprechauns I'm sorry if I'm not updating my birthday just past and I'm going to Alabama  and so just comment if i need to update more bye loves.


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