I See Through You

16 year old Daisie gets eveyrthing she wants, whenever she wants it. Her parents, famous actors, let her do whatever she pleases. The one thing she doesn't have is love. With her parents never home and being an only child, she doesn't have anybody but her bestfriend Whitney to love her. With no one loving her she takes all her feelings out on people around her. Can a new boy in school change her, or make her worse?


7. Well, this was unexpected.

Daisies P.O.V

I got home from my date with Connor to find Whitney sitting on the couch crying. 

"Awh, baby whats wrong? Is it still Jake? If he hurt you even more I promise I will kill him." 

"Well, it's got something to do with him, but I don't know if it's a good or bad thing."

"What is it?"

"I think I might be pr-pr-pregnant." she said between sobs.

"Oh my god, are you se-?" Before I could finish my sentence Jake walked through the door carrying Chinese food, a bouquet of flowers and a full bag of pregnancy tests. Realizing how dumb he looked with all that stuff we all laughed. 

"I drank like a gallon of water so give me those." Whitney took the tests and went into the bathroom. 

"I thought you guys were always careful! What if she is pregnant? Are you gonna date again or are you gonna be pissed and break up with her for some bullshit like last time?!"

"Daisie about that, I'm sorry. I just wanted the kid to get some friends. But I heard he took you out tonight so that's good. But I talked to Whitney. We fixed everything so we are back together. But of course I don't want her to be pregnant. I'm 17 and shes only 16 years old! And we were careful, except one time the condom broke. I was gonna put another one on, but she said not to worry about it." 

"Okay, well lets hope she isn't. She isn't ready to be a mom and you sure as hell aren't ready to be a dad." Just before he could answer Whitney walked out of the bathroom holding three tests. 

"We have to wait 5 for the first, 10 for the second, and 15 for the third. Can I just get some food?"

"Yeah, you and Jake go sit down. I've got it."

"Are you sure?"

"Yeah, go comfort your girlfriend. And good job on the flowers and Chinese!" I said with a wink. 

Whitneys P.O.V

Why could I have been so stupid? I should have let him put another condom on, but I didn't. I hope I'm not pregnant. How the hell am I supposed to raise a baby when I depend on my moms credit card to take care of me? And Jake doesn't have a job.  Daisie brought me my food and I ate while anxiously waiting for the results. I waited fifteen minutes so that they all would be ready. 

"Alright, it's time. Jake and Daisie you each take one and I'll take one. Look at it and tell me the results, kay?" I read mine and almost died inside. I saw the look and Jake and Daisies faces and knew what they both said. 

"Jake go, then I'll go and Whitney can go alright?"

"It's positive.."

"Mine is too.."

Whitney started crying, "Mine too." Jake hugged her and I took the tests from their hands. "Its okay baby, it will be okay." I heard him say. "No, it won't be okay! I'm only 16 and still in highschool! How am I supposed to raise a baby?"

"Whit, you have us. And your moms movie is almost done so all the parents will be home in like 2 weeks. Everything will be okay. Lets just not think about it for tonight and you and I can go to the doctor tomorrow, alright?"

"Okay. Can you spend the night Jake?"

"No, I'm sorry. My mom gave me the no spending the night anywhere on school nights until you start passing all classes lecture today. But you have Daisie. I'll see you tomorrow. Love you." 

"Dais, can you please sleep in my room tonight? I don't really wanna be alone right now. But you have to tell me how your date went!"

"Oh my god Whitney he is perfect! We went and got Chinese at my favorite place, and then we went to the park and talked for like an hour! He's actually so sweet. Then we went and got ice cream. It seriously was the best date in the entire world! He was supposed to teach me how to long board tomorrow, but I have something more important to do tomorrow!" 

"Don't worry about me, we can go to the doctor in the morning and tomorrow night you can go on your date! Jake can hangout with me while you're gone!"

"Are you sure, because I can stay tomorrow I mean it's no big deal!"

"Yeah! Now let's go pick out a long boarding outfit!"

"Haha okay!" We went upstairs and started looking for something cute but not to fancy to wear. I'm so glad I have my bestfriend to get me threw this.

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