I See Through You

16 year old Daisie gets eveyrthing she wants, whenever she wants it. Her parents, famous actors, let her do whatever she pleases. The one thing she doesn't have is love. With her parents never home and being an only child, she doesn't have anybody but her bestfriend Whitney to love her. With no one loving her she takes all her feelings out on people around her. Can a new boy in school change her, or make her worse?


4. Morning After!

Daisies P.O.V

I woke up around 11 with Connors arm around me. I looked under my blankets to find all he had on was his boxers, and all I had on was my bra and underwear. Fuck, I thought. I hooked up with pretty eyes. Tomorrow at school is going to be so awkward. And I just met him. I wonder if Jake is still here.

Whitneys P.O.V

I woke up around 10:30 with Jakes arm around me. Last night was awesome! I looked under the covers to see Jakes perfect body in only boxers. I heard a knock on my door and knew it was Dasisie. I opened it and stepped out. "Make them go home, now" she said. "Alright, I'll go get him up. Did you sleep with Connor last night?" I winked at her. "No, shut up. Just get them out!" I laughed and went and woke up Jake. He got dressed, kissed me goodbye and went to go get Connor. After they left I went into Daisies room.

"So, what did you and Connor do last night?" "Nothing, we just hung out and talked. And I made him sleep over on the couch." "Bitch, I know that look. You slept with Connor! You slept with Connor!" "Shh. It was an accident. But I have to see him tomorrow and it's totally gonna be awkward. But we talked for like hours and he told he could see through me.Whatever that means." "Well if it makes you happy, Jake and I had a goodnight." "I know, I heard it. But I think I might like Connor. Just a little bit though." "When you see him tomorrow, you'll know."

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