I See Through You

16 year old Daisie gets eveyrthing she wants, whenever she wants it. Her parents, famous actors, let her do whatever she pleases. The one thing she doesn't have is love. With her parents never home and being an only child, she doesn't have anybody but her bestfriend Whitney to love her. With no one loving her she takes all her feelings out on people around her. Can a new boy in school change her, or make her worse?


2. Mall!

On our way to the mall we blasted music in my brand new red convertible! It was only about a 10 minute drive, so as soon as we got there we went to the place we always go first, Starbucks! We both ordered the same thing, a venti cotton candy frap! After we got our coffee, we went to our favorite store ever, Forever 21! We each got a couple shirts, a pair of shoes, three pairs of shorts, and a dress! After we left there we headed over to Brandy Melville. We each got at least 5 crop tops and a couple graphic tees. We decided to go home and invite a few boys over!

As we were walking to the door in the mall some tall blonde with gorgeous eyes ran into me. "Um could you please watch were the hell you're going?" I asked him. "I'm so sorry, I wasn't paying any attention. Would you like me to carry your bags to your car to make it up to you?" "I guess, yeah here. Now follow us to my car." We walked for about a minute. "So pretty eyes what's your name?" "Connor, and you miss?" "I'm Daisie and thats Whitney and this is my car so put my bags in the back seat and leave. But thanks for carrying them!" "Wait, Daisie and Whitney what school do you go to? I'm new and-"Beach View. If you go there now you'll know us. Everyone knows us. Now bye pretty eyes!" We got in the car and drove away. "He was kinda cute," said Whitney! "I know!" The rest of the way home we turned up Heres To Never Growing Up and sang as loud as we could.


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