I See Through You

16 year old Daisie gets eveyrthing she wants, whenever she wants it. Her parents, famous actors, let her do whatever she pleases. The one thing she doesn't have is love. With her parents never home and being an only child, she doesn't have anybody but her bestfriend Whitney to love her. With no one loving her she takes all her feelings out on people around her. Can a new boy in school change her, or make her worse?


5. Can Someone Say Awkward?

Daisies P.O.V

I so did not want to go to school today. It was Monday, which I hated, and I had to see Connor which I knew would not go well. I got out of bed and went into my bathroom. I took a shower did my makeup and put my hair in a bun. After that I went and found something to wear. I didn't want to try and impress Connor so I wore a Starbucks tank, green shorts, and some VANS. http://www.polyvore.com/untitled/set?id=90644771. After I got dressed I got a text from Whitney asking if I was ready. I grabbed my bag and went downstairs. Whitney was wearing a super cute but casual outfit! http://www.polyvore.com/untitled_10/set?id=90657296We drove to school and got there about 15 minutes later. I parked in the usual spot and saw Connor and Jake standing next to it. I motioned for Connor to come over to me. "Hey babe, you look cute." "Nothing happened between us okay? I get that you're new and saying we hooked up would be good for your rep but if you tell anyone I will fucking ruin you." "No you won't. I told you I see through you. Remember?" "What the hell does that mean?" "Go out with me tonight, and I'll tell you." "Fine. Be at my house by 7 and take me somewhere nice, but not were a lot of people will be." "Sounds good!" We walked into school and I immediately knew everyone was talking about me. I went up to some guy and yelled "Excuse me but what the fuck are you talking about me for?" "Jake told us you hooked up with the new kid after only knowing him for a day! HA slut." "I never fucking hooked up with the new kid! We hungout but nothing happened,  so take that lie and shove it up your ass!" I ran off into the bathroom, with Whitney following me.

Whitneys P.O.V

I was so pissed that Jake did that to Daisie. "Are you okay?" I asked. "No I'm not okay! Why would he do that to me? I hate him!" "I know, I'll talk to him. Just don't think about it and have a good day! Love you!" I walked off to first hour. I was going to hurt him for hurting my bestfriend.  

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